Raf Simons for Calvin Klein

raf simons calvin klein

Rumors stem from truth and it seems that this week, rumors of Raf Simons taking over as Creative Director at Calvin Klein will be put to rest. It's happening. So, while everyone knew that Raf Simons was replacing Fransisco Costa and Italo Zucchelli, with even Calvin Klein himself confirming it, publicly, the news had to be on the DL due to a non-compete clause within Raf Simons' contract with Dior. The official announcement is expected to be made this week. Raf Simons has already moved to New York City and has met with key CK staff. [Personally] I think this is a brilliant move that will keep an established, deep-rooted brand young, fresh and relevant. Additionally, Raf Simons will bring a European sensibility to the label which will further elevate Calvin Klein - as if that's even possible. [Of course it is!]