Exclusive: Runway Preview to Jeffrey Fashion Cares 2016

Saint Laurent Paris Jeffrey Fashion Cares / Photos by Tomas Espinoza

"Does it look too vintage? Hand me the YSL clutch... yeah, that's better..." AND then, Jeffrey Kalinsky proceeded to direct the young model on how to hold the clutch and a flawless runway look was born.

It was such a privilege to spend time within the inner sanctum of the Jeffrey Fashion Cares show fittings and runway line-up process. Jeffrey and his team are perfectionists. Their approach is similar to that of an art curator laying out and important exhibition. Every single minute styling detail is considered - every shoe, every belt, every bag - until a complete and impeccable look is achieved and met Jeffrey Kalinsky's creative and clear-cut vision of his brand.  

The line-up features more than three dozen looks - the latest runway showstoppers from high end designers such as Givenchy, Simone Rocha and Saint Laurent Paris will turn heads on Monday, August 29 at Phipps Plaza. There is lots of color and texture in the show as well as all black, all chic looks. And let's not forget the parade of traffic-stopping, to-die-for footwear!

Jeffrey Fashion Cares will be spectacular. It always is, but as I witnessed this week "always" is not taken for granted. The Jeffrey Fashion Cares runway is a fine-tuned, well-thought and meticulously planned production.