Turkish Lingerie That You Won't Find in Turkey

Turkish Lingerie That You Won't Find in Turkey

Lingerie label Else is one of Paris' well-known, international brands. The label was created by Ela Onur in 2008. By providing wearable lingerie styles, Else has made a name for itself while offering lacy bodysuits and crop tops that can go from the street to the sheets. 

You can find the label Else through lingerie e-commerce site Journelle as well as department stores. On the contrary, the label would be almost impossible to find in Turkey. Although it is common in the West, the trend of sexy lingerie isn't as widespread in the East. Cultural differences explain that Turkish women wear lingerie while getting married and for special occasions but not for their everyday routine. 

Turkey is well-known for exporting lingerie which is how Onur started in the industry. Her family ran a business that produced straps, hooks and wires for bras. Onur began to notice an advantage at that time, that there wasn't a single lingerie designer from Turkey. Even though Turkey had all the resources, the manufacturing that was being done there were for all the big private labels.

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