moncler beyond campaign

When it comes to human beings, identity is about individuality. When talking about a brand, uniqueness is a question of multiplicity and in both cases, diversity is strength. It is this principle that inspired the new Moncler advertising campaign, which, through Craig McDean's timeless black and white, features nineteen people from all backgrounds and ages but united by a single word: BEYOND.

BEYOND is the expression of pure human strength that pushes man to break rigid prejudices and pre-established models. BEYOND is an effective and resonant life proposition since it is both real and sincere, just like Moncler. BEYOND is the sum of the values of the brand that has always distinguished itself by its desire to exceed.

Born in 1952 in a small mountain village in Haute-Savoie, the Moncler brand has gone beyond its original sector, namely mountain equipment, to become a full-fledged brand, in an urban style. She crossed the French mountains to become global. Moncler has pushed the boundaries of technicality to adapt to everyday life, using the technology that makes its products practical and functional. Moncler goes beyond the opportunities to dress every moment of life and address all generations without giving young people an aged look and the older a young look.

Unceasingly, Moncler exceeds all limits, all generations and all expectations. Today this project comes to life and becomes palpable in the life choices and fundamentals of a group of people with a unique motivation: to go beyond. From the Paralympic athlete to the astronaut, from activist to trend creator, the campaign goes beyond the idea of raditional advertising to support the motivation, willpower and uniqueness that drive an individual to go beyond all his limits to be, simply himself.

As a brand, Moncler's strength lies in its honest way of being itself, going beyond trends and targets, by speaking a language that puts the individual at the forefront and that is able to adapt to the most diverse situations and environments. The essential message of the campaign is that of freedom and strength of character. It is a call in the name of diversity, which finds its strength and impulse in multiplicity.

Through this liberating power and plurality, Moncler goes beyond fashion, to get straight into life. It does so through nineteen voices transmitting its message.