Conversation with the Renaissance Man - Kenny Burns

He's a music executive, fashion designer, film maker, producer, promoter, entertainer, entrepreneur, philanthropist, husband and father. Referred to as a "lifestyle expert" Kenny Burns has also earned the title of Renaissance Man. The dictionary defines "renaissance" as a revival of life, arts and culture, all of which are qualities defining Burns. However, Kenny Burns is not a man who is easily defined, nor does he need to be... What struck me most in our conversation, over lattes in midtown , was Kenny's genuine drive to help our young people from falling under the destructive enticement of money and power. Both are often a big deception carrying little substance and are perpetuated by the flaunting of wealth and materialism by celebrities.

In his upcoming documentary, B.U.R.N.S -Be Ultimately Realistic & Never Sellout- Kenny delivers an eye opening reality through examples of his success and through personal struggles. He redefined success through love of family rather than love of money. Kenny was on his personal pursuit of happiness and discovered there are much greater things in life than possessions. We talked about the importance of "smelling the roses" and how much richer life is when you appreciate and value living. Kenny believes that " to succeed in life, you have to live a better life."

When asked how he felt about being a celebrity, without hesitation Kenny replied, "celebrities are fucked-up"...  he doesn't like to be known or referred to as a celebrity for that reason. "You gotta know what to do with the power you have. To many people out there, so called celebrities, are misusing their power instead of making the world a better place."

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