Frank Ski - A Good Man on a Mission

Frank Ski paid a visit to UrbanCouture at Grady High School this week to meet his designer for Doggies on the Catwalk, 18 year old Jhari Ponder. Frank and his German Shepherd, Mena, are models in the event benefiting Pets Are Loving Support, PALS.

Needless to say, all my students know who Frank Ski is and they were very excited to meet him. Frank walked in, said hello, and with a smile, everyone had relaxed. It became evidently clear to me why there is a Frank Ski Kids Foundation. Frank interacted with my students with love and respect. This is a man who gets "it". He understands the value of youth and the significance of their contributions to society. He understands that "we" have a responsibility to guide, mentor and nurture our young people. Frank and his wife, Tanya are "blessed with so much" in his words, "that sharing their blessings with others is very important." They are both passionate about giving back to the community and providing young people a healthy, positive and cultural experience. The Frank Ski Kids Foundation is a grass roots organization that serves as a "vessel" for giving as your contributions are going directly to helping kids by funding for its programs.  

The Sixth Annual Celebrity Wine Tasting and Live Auction is taking place this Sunday and attending is the perfect way to get involved. Make a difference in style!

The Frank Ski Kids Foundation embraces youth and their value by showing examples and providing hands-on opportunities to promote optimal growth, self-expression, ingenuity, achievement and learning vital to their ambitions. Through the efforts of the Foundation and the help of charitable contributors, observable differences in communities have been made. Our efforts to date have helped many children, but the needs of our children remain immense. We must continue with unfaltering determination and dedication.