Leslie Fram, Matt Pinfield, Iggy Pop: The NY Rock Experience

Atlanta's loss is New York City's gain. Leslie Fram on WRXP 101.9FM with Matt Pinfield is where it's at!

So what do you get when you team up a music television legend and a rock radio icon: The NY Rock Experience with Matt Pinfield and Leslie Fram ... and what did I get by visiting them at work: One hell of a kick-ass day which included listening in on a phone convo between Leslie and Gerald Butler! Leslie has often said to me that you never really know who's going to drop by for a visit. Well, today was my lucky day. Jason, my gracious and hospitable escort at the station, says as he opens the door to the sound booth to let me in,  "Oh, by the way, Iggy Pop is in there with them."

WTF!!! I gasped, entered the room and sat down. They were live on air, so I was very quiet, which was just fine for the moment.  I was in disbelief that sitting 5 ft away from me was Iggy Pop.

I let my eyes wander the small room and take it all in, repeatedly glancing at Iggy, of course. I was mesmerized by his storytelling. One story in particular had everyone in stitches. It was about playing the role of Belvedere Rickettes, Johnny Depp's uncle, in the John Water's film Cry Baby. Iggy was thrilled to be in a feature film. Finally, his first movie--and he gets to play the "ugly guy!" Yes, everyday, his teeth were blackened and he sported a reverse mullet. (Matt pointed that out, by the way.) At this point, I was laughing so hard that I actually put my hand over my mouth so I wouldn't be heard.

When the show came to an end, Leslie introduced me to Iggy and Matt. I was in Rock heaven!

Meeting Matt Pinfield was exciting. I'd heard so many great things about him through Leslie and her husband, Lanny. The only reason I watched MTV in the mid '90's was for his show 120 Minutes.