Dsquared² - Call Me


Cover me with kisses, baby, Cover me with love, Roll me in designers sheets, I'll never get enough, Emotions come, I don't know why, Cover up love's alibi. CALL ME...

Blondie's Call Me ... was answered by Dsquared² with a menswear collection inspired by the poster child of hustlers, Richard Gere's character, Julian Kaye, in American Gigolo.

Meticulously tailored shirts, trousers and suits in the luxurious style that only Dan and Dean Caten deliver. The collection is very wearable and perhaps that is the only problem with it. The "wow" factor was missing - just a little. In keeping with the American Gigolo theme, Gere's character, though sexy, toned down his appearance as to not stand out.

In the past, Dsquared² has offered a range of exciting and cutting edge themes from Charlie's Angels, to S&M, to '80's hip-hop. Their shows always feature the sexiest models, the hottest music and the best theatrics. This runway collection was no exception.