My Sexy Poodle


A few years ago, I met this man with the most spectacular standard poodle I'd ever seen. We were at a shoot for an independent film about dogs. I had wanted a standard for a very long time and this encounter pretty much sealed the deal and my search began.

The man's name is Barry Bourgeois and he owns a doggie daycare and grooming salon. I was so taken with the look and cut of his dog that I knew right there and then, he would be my dog's groomer, someday.

Canine House of Style, in midtown, is Barry's establishment and Simone's beauty parlor every six weeks. Barry is the best in town, especially when it comes to grooming poodles as he is the proud parent of three champion show poodles; Etienne, Chief and Gizelle, who modeled for me in Doggies on the Catwalk for Georgia Public Broadcasting.

For Simone, grooming is an all day event. I drop her off at 8 am and pick her up at 6pm. Barry takes very good care of her as well as all the doggies at Canine House of Style.

I met a married couple at the park with two gorgeous black miniature poodles. I recognized the precision cut and struck up a conversation. I knew it, they were clients of Canine House of Style. The couple said that if you are a poodle owner in Atlanta, there is no better groomer than Barry. Period.