The Twilight Saga: Eclipse


The Twilight Saga: Eclipse
Director: David Slade
Starring: Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner 

In its third installment, Hollywood’s hottest franchise manages to improve upon its predecessor.  New Moon was a complete bore leaving many fans disappointed and asleep.  Eclipse is not a great film, but there is enough action to keep you from checking your watch every five minutes. The film opens with our heroine still whining her way through the town of Forks, WA, lamenting about the misery she brings to all that cross her path.  The vampire clan and the werewolves must form a shaky alliance in order to protect Bella from the wrath of Victoria. The vampire villain from Twilight is back and out to kill Bella to avenge the death of her lover.  The film is at its best during a climactic and brief CGI battle involving the Cullens, the werewolves, and an army of newly made vampires.

There are, of course, many opportunities to stare in awe at the beauty of the cast.  Rarely will you see a group of people so attractive that it would make Abercrombie models rethink their career options. Audible gasps could be heard throughout the theatre, from men and women alike, each time Lautner appeared shirtless.

Bella and Edward’s relationship does progress beyond the cliffhanger marriage proposal of New Moon.  In a refreshing twist, we see a discussion between two young people on the merits of waiting for the right moment to consummate their relationship.  Don't get me wrong, I am no prude, but that is certainly not a common element in modern teen cinema.  The love triangle with Lautner’s character is still an element of the story.  ***SPOILER FREE*** If you have read the books you know where this is going.  The reason for Jacob’s attraction to Bella is briefly mentioned in Eclipse but will not be fully developed until the fourth film.

These movies are not particularly well written, and there are times you find yourself cringing at the dialogue. However, there is an undeniable element that causes hysteria among the fan base and this phenomenon is not going away any time soon.  The final installment, Breaking Dawn, will be released as two separate films.  This gives you just a little bit more time to choose your side: team Edward or team Jacob.

*fashionadofilm score 5 out of 10

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