the Luxury of J.Hilburn

tricia-east-sattele-j-hilburn-men's-clothier-shirts-vincent-martinez-fashionadoGentlemen, imagine never having to step foot in a department store again for business attire yet always looking like a million bucks. Imagine, always wearing high quality tailored clothing. Imagine having your own personal style advisor. And to make this dream even sweeter, you would never have to leave the office because your stylist would come to you. Oh, and lets make this luxury affordable. Now, imagine this is real. Wait! You don't have to, it is real and I just experienced it. Let me tell you about it...

Allow me to introduce your personal stylist at J. Hilburn Men's Clothier, Tricia Sattele.

Tricia will redefine shopping as you know it and J. Hilburn will make you feel [and look] like a millionaire.

A few weeks ago, Tricia come to my place of employment. She set up the visit based on my work schedule. We met and chatted for a few minutes about personal my style. We then look through a binder of fabric swatches. There were dozens of solids, patterns and all colors in the finest Italian cottons. A little later she was taking my measurements.

I completely designed my dress shirt. That involved choosing the fabric style including pattern and color. I also chose the collar style, placket and cuffs I wanted. Additionally, I had four tailored "fits" to choose from and of course, I chose the Euro which is the most form fitting. There were other details as well, like, did I want a pocket or not, how many buttons on the cuffs and what type of back pleat. Overwhelmed yet? I was, a little, so I relied on Tricia's expertise to finalize my choices.

My shirt, as all J. Hilburn shirts, was cut and tailored by one person. It was constructed specifically to my measurements so the fit is perfect. When it was ready, about 3 weeks from ordering, Tricia delivered it to my job - a part of the service.

Ready to hear about pricing? What do you think is the cost of this luxury service? I hope you're seated, because J. Hilburn custom tailored shirts start at $79! You really can't beat the price, quality and service. Amazing!

J. Hilburn also carries cashmere scarves, cashmere blend sweaters, trousers, coats, leather belts and cufflinks.


The shirt was delivered in this beautiful brown box with metallic blue lettering. The packing was impeccable.


It's the details I love most and in this case, hands down, the brass collar stays are sweet!

Tricia Sattele was absolutely incredible as my stylist and representing partner for J. Hilburn. This was truly a luxury experience and I can't wait to shop J. Hilburn again! She made everything so fun and easy. Tricia's knowledge of the product and her passion for it made me excited about getting the shirt. The toughest part was just purchasing one and now that I have done so and I'm 100% satisfied, its time for more!

Tricia can be reached by email: OR by phone: 404-583-6147

PS. Ladies, think holiday gift...