Unstoppable with Denzel Washington & Chris Pine


Director: Tony Scott

Starring:  Denzel Washington and Chris Pine


Tony Scott (Top Gun)

and Oscar winner

Denzel Washington (Training Day)

have collaborated several times over the years, most notably with

Crimson Tide


Man on Fire

. These two Hollywood hit makers have a succesful formula for a fast paced thriller.  However, Unstoppable is an action flick with a predictable plot and is not as strong as their past efforts.

Unstoppable follows seasoned rail worker, Washington, and a hot shot trainee,

Chris Pine (Star Trek)

, as they begin a routine day at the rail yard.  While they are transporting a locomotive they are told by their dispatcher that a runaway train filled with toxic waste is barrelling straight for them at 70mph. Washington and Pine are the only two men who can stop the train before it crashes into their hometown.  Have no fear though; we all know that the town will be fine.  With that realization, we find the major flaw of the movie.  There is never a moment in the film when you feel that the town is in any real danger.

Washington, at this stage of his career, just makes it look easy.  But I could not help feel that he was just going through the motions with this performance.   He is without question one of the finest actors working today and could show up on set and play anything and be believable. This was just not a career defining role.  It felt more like a job for the sake of a paycheck.

Chris Pine is hot-hot-hot right now.  If you need a visual, check out the recent

Details Magazine

interview and photo shoot.  In 2009, Chris Pine managed to make

Star Trek

the sexiest it has been in its 40 year history.  He has an undeniable charm and a presence on screen and is reminiscent of

Steve McQueen

.  There is a quiet confidence that he carries, and we will be seeing much more of him in the coming years.  Not only is there a Star Trek sequel already in the works, but it is rumored that Pine will takeover the roll made famous by

Alec Baldwin


Harrison Ford

in the popular

Tom Clancy


Unstoppable is a paint-by-numbers action picture.  We have the know-it-all old timer forced to work with a hot shot rookie. The old timer has all the right answers that can save the day,but he must contend with the college educated corporate executives who are too incompetent to figure out the solution.  The movie was not a total train wreck.  Tony Scott did manage to create a few moments of real suspense,  but when you feel faliure  is not even a possibility it tends to derail your enthusiasm.  The careers' of Washington and Pine will no doubt continue on the fast track, despite this film, and will most likely be unstoppable.



score 5 out of 10



Jamie Clemons