BURLESQUE Cher & Christina Aguilera

Director: Steve Antin

Starring:  Cher, Christina Aguilera, Cam Gigandet, and Stanley Tucci






had a baby, 


would be the more talented offspring.  There was a collective belief that this would be a hot mess of a movie.  It has been promoted heavily as a musical but the only singing in the film is done on stage and in context of a club environment.  No one spontaneously bursts into song in the middle of delivering their dialouge. While far from perfect, the film does entertain and has been added to my guilty pleasures list.


is Ali, a small town girl who heads to the big city to become a star.  I know, I know, an original concept.   Aguilera has been making music for over a decade and without question has a voice that could blow most other performers off the stage.  This was a perfect choice for her first film.  She sings more than she has to deliver lines, and she belts out each one of her sexy numbers with her trademark vocals.  Her acting is a bit wooden, but she shows more promise than other singers turned actors.  With time, she might have what it takes to be a movie star.

For me, the reason to see Burlesque is Oscar winner and diva supreme 

Cher (Moonstruck)

.  At 68, she is still one of the coolest chicks on the planet.  Cher portrays Tess, the owner of the club Burlesque.  She hires Ali as a waitress until she discovers her talents as a dancer/singer and makes her the main attraction.  Tess’ club is about to be foreclosed and she is struggling to keep her business alive. Cher does a solid job, minus facial expression, as the older and wiser songstress offering advice to the younger Ali. 

You Haven’t Seen The Last of Me

is a 

Diane Warren

penned ballad and Cher's big number.  As she sings, “and I am down but I’ll get up again, don’t count me out just yet” you cannot help but think of all the ups and downs during her 40 plus years in show business.  There will be some serious drag queen hair pulling across the globe for dibs on this song.

Oscar nominee  

Stanley Tucci (The Lovely Bones)

really stretches his skills as an actor playing a gay assistant who styles young girls while giving them sage advice and being the sounding board for his alpha female boss.  Please do not get confused.  I am still talking about Burlesque and not 

The Devil Wears Prada

.  Tucci, not afraid of type casting, has taken on the exact same role sans




Cam Gigandet (Twilight)

is the films romantic lead for Aguilera.  He plays his part just fine, but he knows his role in this film is merely eye candy.  He is also perfectly comfortable being shirtless and in one scene even pant-less, enjoy ladies and gents!

Burlesque is not a serious film nor does it take itself seriously.  It is predictable and the plot is tired and a little too simple.  However, the movie is bright and flashy.  The musical numbers are grand and entertaining and as one of the song suggests, "it will move you."



score 6 out of 10



Jamie Clemons