TOP Fashion Blogs / Made the Top 100 ~thank You!


Earlier this week I was honored to learn I made the Top 100 list of the world's top fashion bloggers by a NYC based social media/marketing firm,

They contacted me through a tweet- a very appropriate method I thought! Thank you to for noticing and a


thank you



, for the continued support of fashionado!

Here are highlights of the Sparkah feature:

"We’ve compiled a Top 100 list of “sales generators” for our fashion industry clients. These are the top niche fashion bloggers globally. They have influence beyond well known magazines for the following reasons:

1. Writers from well known print publications do not have an open dialogue with their readers.

2. Writers from well known print publications do not build a rapport with their readers.

3. Writers from well known print publications do not have personal influence over their readers. They don’t let their readers into their personal Facebook account. They don’t let their readers see their personal photos on Facebook. And they certainly don’t do any drunk sexting with their readership on some random post Taco Tuesday 2am flurry.

4. Bloggers Do.

5. If you get a blogger to cover your line, you’re not just reaching into their fanbase, you’re reaching through to their friends (THINK: clickable links to your online store that go to each of their 350av Facebook friends. This means top 100×350=350,000 Facebook impressions. If you had to pay for that, any idea how much it would cost? SEE: 

Facebook Marketing Strategies


BONUS. continued: If You had to choose between taking a 

news anchor to a $200 lunch vs a non-celebrity blogger

, who would you choose?

We recommend that you follow all of them. Get to know them. Pitch them. In truth, the buyers at Nordstrom’s read their blogs more than the hipster magazines. Their blogs get comments. Magazines don’t."

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