the Doggies make way for the Falcons!

[caption id="attachment_6213" align="aligncenter" width="478" caption="It takes two to measure 6.5" Atlanta Falcons wide receiver Brian Finneran! UrbanCouture Senior Designers Maiya Daniels and Asha Haki-Tyler's designs will be featured on January 14th at 7pm."]brian-finneran-atlanta-falcons-urbancouture-fashion-doggies-on-the-catwalk-fashionado[/caption]

My phone & email blew up all day yesterday with a little bit of Doggies on the Catwalk drama! By 1pm I had updated my Facebook status to read: [publicist] "Meg Reggie is my Xanax!!"

Atlanta Falcons Brian Finneran informed Meg and I by 10:50 am that he and Coy Wire could not participate in Doggies on the Catwalk because of their 7:30pm curfew the evening of the show. The playoffs are the next day at the Dome and the boys needed their rest!

Meg had the perfect solution: move the show up an hour, to start at 7pm... We all agreed and made the change. Genius! Everyone's happy!

By the way, speaking of the Falcons, we have a women's "Ryan" football jersey autographed by Matt Ryan for the silent auction!

So, to be totally clear, Doggies on the Catwalk is on January 14th at 7pm at the historic Grady High School Gymnasium. Brian and Coy will open the show along with their four-legged companions and then they will be on their way. Don't miss this event, there may be some other surprises!

CLICK HERE for TICKETS! (*NOTE, the website may not be updated to reflect the time change!)

doggies-catwalk-pals-vincent-martinez-coy-wire-brian-finneran-jenn-hobby-richelle-carey-meg-reggie-ellen-harden-fashionadoOne more FABULOUS detail to the show (there are many)... The FUR BUS will be providing free shuttle service to and from Park Tavern and Grady High School! So go ahead and park at Park Tavern, which is the after party venue and enjoy a Fur Bus ride across the street!

** The ONLY doggies permitted are the models in the show!