Road Warrior Adventures in the UC Fashion Room


Tuesday morning was anything but "normal" for the UrbanCouture (UC) Senior Designers.   They were still on holiday break but came into the UC fashion room at 8am for a live TV segment with Fox 5' s Road Warrior!

Fox's Joanne Feldman and Blaze Meier were ready for anything as they featured doggie models, celebrity models, student designers and dog groomers side by side with hair stylists. There was even a segment on how to bake your own doggie gourmet treats.  All the fuss was in anticipation for next week's 4th Annual Doggies on the Catwalk.

In this shot, Blaze is preparing for the first segment. Barnabus, the most adorable French Bulldog, is sniffing out the Taj Ma Hound treats across the room, Senior Designer Mary Sommerville is fitting Atlantan Magazine's Stephanie Davis Smith and I am, well, I'm not totally sure what I was doing?

Joanne Feldman gets brushed up and polished with Shelly Hannibal of Carter Barnes just minutes before going live for the "grooming" segment. Piedmont Bark's William Campbell and groomer Raymond de Leon talked about doggie handling and proper grooming care. Shelly spoke about the latest trends in hair and make-up.  

By the way, how cute is Braxton! He's the handsome Bull Terrier on the grooming table. Braxton will be modeling in the show with Atlanta Falcons Brian Finneran.

A Big thanks to Fox 5, Good Day Atlanta and the fabulous Road Warriors Joanne and Blaze for making Tuesday everything but normal!