The Crystal Flower

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Many women will say that the most important day in their life was their wedding date. [Surpassed possibly by the birth of their children.]

A Miami-based designer has created something so incredibly unique and exquisite to help make


wedding day even more special. In fact, one might say that

The Crystal Flower

will make your memories eternal!

What if I told you that you could get something old, something new, borrowed and blue all in one amazing, magnificent way?


Lizet B. Gonzalez

, the creator, designer and artist behind

The Crystal Flower


redefining tradition through her brilliant concept of creating bouquets from new and vintage brooches. In a most elegant and sophisticated way, The Crystal Flower offers beauty and sentiment.


Tell me about The Crystal Flower and how did you come up with the concept.  These are bridal bouquets right?

Absolutely, but they can be used for more than bridal bouquets. The can be used for proms, gifts, anniversaries; you don't have to stick to just bridal. There are complete brooch bouquets made only of hand-wired brooches and then there are the combinations of brooches and flowers because there are a lot of brides who don't have 40-50 brooches which is the amount that one bouquet requires.

So how did I come up with the concept:

I went to my nieces' wedding and as she was leaving her friend had her bridal bouquet. My niece tells her friend just to toss it. I thought, what a waste. Here is something that will go down in your history as something you walked down the aisle with and you want to toss it! That got me thinking and after a lot of trials and tribulations, I won't tell you it was easy, I put bouquets together and finally came up with the brooch bouquets.

Who provides the brooches? The bride to be?

That's the idea! The beautiful part of it is for the brides to hand me a little piece of their loved ones for their bouquet. Its




Who is The Crystal Flower client?

It's a woman who is throwing tradition to the wind and they're coming up with something unique that can be passed down to generations. I design them from my soul and from my heart and if they can see that, then that's my client. They are not going to toss the bouquet! [Brides can purchase a "toss" bouquet from a florist.]

What's in the future for The Crystal Flower? Is there anything new you'd like to share?

Yes! I felt something was missing so to complement the bouquet designs, I want to produce a handmade keepsake book with images of the brooches and who provided them.  People tend to forget details over time which is why I want to do the book.

Another new item that Lizet is experimenting with, that I find very exciting, are glass bead boutonnieres.

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Lizet B. Gonzalez in her beautiful Miami home surrounded by her sparkling masterpieces. She sees the brooch bouquets as family heirlooms that are rich with love and history.

The Crystal Flower's biggest fan, cheerleader and supporter is

Luis Gonzalez

, Lizet's husband. "My wife used to sleep at night, now she goes to bed at midnight and is up at 4am..." Luis clarifies and with a tear in his eye, that his wife's dedication and love of her family come first, above all.

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