Vogue Photographer Greg Lotus at Bill Lowe Gallery

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From the pages and covers of Vogue, Vanity Fair and GQ (just to name a few) to the pristine white walls of the

Bill Lowe Gallery

, the photographic masterpieces of

Greg Lotus

sizzles its way to Atlanta in an exhibit titled,

Aspiration & Artifice: The Constructed Visage.

Lotus, who is one of the leading fashion, beauty and art photographers in the world, interprets his subjects with a signature approach of interweaving classical art and nature through the critical eye of his lens. The outcome: dramatic, sometimes haunting, always beautiful.

An impressive collection of 34 large scales pieces will engage the viewer into an exotic fantasy world of fashion and art on Friday July 8 as the work of Greg Lotus coincides with the 22nd Anniversary celebration for the Bill Lowe Gallery.

My interview with Greg Lotus:

Tell me about your background.

I started photographing model roommates that I had and their agencies would call to ask if they paid me, would I shoot more of the models for their portfolios. This snowballed into traveling to other cites to shoot, including Miami where I started shooting for clients.

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The references to classical painting in your work is evident. What about your life experiences? What inspiring role do they play?

To  see light is very important for any photographer in developing your eye and treating each subject to enhance beauty.  I've always seen light in paintings which is a very big influence.

Describe what its like to work with a major fashion magazine? Are they controlling or do they allow you to conceptualize the shoot?

All magazines that I work for today let me be the creative director as well. I develop the concept, and the whole story through.


for example will request a Spa story and  then I create everything else, like when I created the  Spa story  to be on a traveling train from the 30's.  (see website


, under VOGUE stories)

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Are celebrities difficult to work with? Challenging?

All celebs have hick-ups. Mostly it's a scheduling conflict, or getting enough time  to be able to produce a shoot.  Sometimes, depending upon the celeb,  you may not even get an hour. This all depends upon the client we're working with and the brand.  If its a commercial client paying for the celeb's time, of course you'll have time more time to produce.

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What words of wisdom can you offer aspiring photographers.

Follow your passion for anything you want to do.  Today's market is very competitive and in the end its just not about a picture anymore, its about having the business side of your talent as well. Balancing both can help you get to a career faster. We're in a recession, so there's no union to help follow pay rates, under bidding happens a lot.  Creating a team that works for you is very important.

My team consists of 15 people in one day to help create images, however, some days its just me and one subject.

These are days that I love the most!

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Allow Greg Lotus' work to speak to you at the opening reception, Friday July 8 at the

Bill Lowe Gallery

, 6-9pm. Location: 1555 Peachtree Street, Suite 100

Here's a bonus! The video below captures a slick, behind the scenes look of Lotus at work at a Vogue Magazine shoot on location at the Antelope Canyon.


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