the mouth-watering DENNIS DEAN Catering


Chances are, if you've been to an upscale event in Atlanta and gotten a tongue boner, well, it's because you had Dennis Dean Catering in your mouth.

Dennis Dean Retzleff, simply known as Dennis Dean, is the creative force, energy and amazing talent behind Dennis Dean Catering, one of the top, most respected catering businesses in Atlanta. The fusion of flavors, complexity of ingredients and level of sophistication sets Dean apart from the others. Dennis reveals some of his recipes in 


- his new and exciting blog, so make sure and visit often! [And impress your friends with your new found culinary arts skills!]

There's something else Dennis Dean does very well and very generously:


. He has been a long time supporter of

Pets Are Loving Support

and of

Jeffrey Fashion Cares.

[If you don't already know the BIG news] Dennis Dean was named the Honorary Chair of the 2011 19th Annual Jeffery Fashion Cares. Quite the honor that has practically left him speechless. Dennis and a few of our friends and I got together for dinner recently and I couldn't resist asking him about the day he learned he was "


." JFC co-chair

Lila Hertz

called Dennis and told him that the honorary chair selection committee had made a "unanimous" decision, to which Dennis responded,

"great, who?"

Lila replied,


which followed by a moment of silence. Dennis was beside himself. He is a kind, humble man and the news just seemed unbelievable.

Well, believe it Dennis Dean! You are very well-deserving - Congratulations.

Jeffrey Fashion Cares

is on

Monday August 29th

at 7pm.



In one last bit of exciting

Dennis Dean Catering

news, be on the look out for the

Dennis Dean Food Truck

, coming soon, very soon!