An Exhibition of Live Body Art


The 2nd Annual Bodies As A Work of Art , an exhibition of live body art, will sizzle the Atlanta nightlife in the most creative mixture of art, fashion, performance and philanthropy. Monday August 22nd, Tongue & Groove showcases the groundbreaking event that has redefined fundraising as we know it.

The event benefits two amazing non-profits:

Jaden's Ladder

and 'Bodies' brainchild,

The Chelko Foundation. Both charities support the betterment of women who've come out of domestic abuse situations. YOUR


will help these ladies get their lives back on track.

I am thrilled and excited to be one of the featured artists in this year's event.

[caption id="attachment_9559" align="aligncenter" width="430" caption="Photo by Richie Arpino"]



When I first met my model, that was the moment when I began to conceptualize my theme because 

Logan Robinson

looks like the guardian angel tattoo on my arm. That was the initial inspiration. I also pulled from fashion, contemporary art and decoration to finalize my vision.


Every artist was permitted one assistant and mine is

Tiffany Brown Rideaux

, a friend of many years.

Tiffany and Logan have both been absolutely amazing and have taken ownership of this project, hence, making it a true collaboration. They are just as passionate and invested as I am. Together we make a great team.

The three of us will join the other artists, models, assistants and event organizers,

Randi Layne, Ken Goldwasser


Adam Malm

on Monday at noon. We'll spend the next seven hours airbrushing, hand-painting and adhering objects to the beautiful bodies that will feature our creations - for


to enjoy. AND to a panel of esteemed judges who'll have the tough task of selecting a 3rd, 2nd & 1st place winner.

The judges:

Harriet Leibowitz, Richard Eldredge, Tom Sullivan, Mitchell Anderson and Warrick Dunn.

Please support this sensational, outside of the box, event by attending.

Get your



If you still need some convincing, take one more look at my model, Logan,  [he's been working out his abs lately, just a little]. I snapped this one last Saturday.


Join us for

Bodies As A Work of Art

on Monday August 22.

Carey Carter

co-chairs the event and Davefm's

Mara Davis


* Special performance by Pop/R&B recording artist

Anoop Desai

*Performance Art by HoopEssence

Rebecca DeShon

PHOTO GALLERY of last year's Bodies Show!

Photography by Richie Arpino.


Tongue & Groove will open their doors at 6pm. August 22nd.

Get your TIX!