Final Destination 5: 3D

Director: Steven Quale

Starring: Nicholas D’Agosto, Emma Bell, Tony Todd, and Courtney B. Vance

The Final Destination

films are about as complex as chewing bubble gum.  The formula is the same each time. The opening sequence finds one person having a horrific premonition of an impending accident.  Everyone they know is either smashed, shocked, or torn to bits.  The main character then warns everyone to get out just in time.  After the accident, death begins to stalk each survivor one by one.  The series has tackled a plane crash, car crash, roller coaster accident, and a race track collision.  For this fifth installment, it is a terrifying bridge collapse that starts the carnage.  Eleven years is a long time for a franchise to exist in Hollywood and surprisingly the 5th movie actually manages to improve upon the last few sequels.

Acting in these films is not important, but the two leads

Nicholas D’Agosto (Dirty Girl)


Emma Bell (AMC’s The Walking Dead)

do a nice job portraying horrified and disgusted.  Horror staple

Tony Todd (Candyman and Final Destination Part 1)

reprises his role from the earlier films.  C

ourtney B. Vance (TNT’s The Closer)

is the detective who thinks there is more to these seemingly random deaths.  

Director Steven Quale

has solid experience working on films like



Terminator 2

, and he managed to sneak in a fantastic surprise ending.  For any fans of the franchise, it is the highlight of the entire movie.

[caption id="attachment_9601" align="alignright" width="300" caption="I'll just wear glasses"]


Only horror fans will find this type of film entertaining.  The tension leading up to each kill is intense. The  

acupuncture incident

and the

lasik surgery mishap

were particularly grueling to sit through.   This is definitely a movie to enjoy with  friends.  



Vincent Martinez

accompanied me to the theatre, and I can tell you by the bruises on my arms and ribs that the suspense got the best of him!  Had I known I was going to take a beating I would have slipped a xanax in his bag of Skittles.  I will make one recommendation to the producers when they make part 6. They might want to give thought to changing the title... considering they just made part 5 there is obviously nothing


about it.



score 6 out 10



Jamie Clemons