Atlanta COTILLION~10 Years of Gay Royalty


There seems to be a charity fundraiser or two or three every week in Atlanta, yet, only a very small number stand out as different, unique and creative. The

Atlanta Cotillion


AID Atlanta

has embodies all three characteristics, plus a fourth: longevity.

Congratulations, Atlanta Cotillion for offering a different way of fundraising, through a creative means in the most unique of endeavors. "10 years of Royalty" speaks loudly of your success and commitment to the Atlanta community.

So, what is the Atlanta Cotillion?

In their words:

Annually, a group of gentlemen from the Atlanta gay community participate as “debutantes” in a unique fundraising concept to benefit HIV/AIDS charities.  Each participant is given a financial goal; how they reach and, almost always, exceed that goal depends on their creativity, resources and passion for helping those affected by HIV/AIDS.  Since 2002 the Atlanta Cotillion has not only donated over $750,000, but has also become one of the single largest donors of unrestricted funds to AID Atlanta, the largest AIDS service organization in the southeast.

After months of creative individual fundraising efforts, the Atlanta Cotillion social season culminates in the lively and entertaining

Atlanta Cotillion Ball

. In keeping to tradition the escorted debutantes are presented on stage to celebrate their fundraising successes.  As the highlight of the evening, the debutante who has raised the most funds is crowned Queen of the Atlanta Cotillion Ball.  Now in its ninth year in this format, the Atlanta Cotillion Ball is one of the most eagerly anticipated events in Atlanta and has achieved national awareness.

[caption id="attachment_9999" align="aligncenter" width="382" caption="The reigning Cotillion Queen who raised $15K, Ava VonSeco. Photo courtesy of Atlanta Cotillion."]



The six dedicated gentlemen turned "Debutantes" making a significant difference in fundraising for an important cause are: 

John Ford

(Chardonnay Chenine d'Asti)

Tim Hobby

(Lotta Pusse')

JD Kellum

(Jacqueline D'Bouvier VonSeco)

Jesse Rhodes

(Gabriella Sofia "Sophie" Isabel)

Ric Sosa

(Sofia Santana “GiGi” de la Gorgonzola-Gonzalez)

John Weathers

("McCray Iona "Mona" Fitzjohn"


Cotillion X

takes places on Saturday, September 17 at

The Foundry at Puritan Mill.

For information on all things Cotillion, visit their


website. Maybe you'll get inspired to attend! Look for a recap and photogallery later next week!