Project Wrongway

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Once again, Project Runway got "it" wrong. Or did they?

The fine print during the credit roll after each episode reads: "The judges considered both their scores and input from the Producers and Lifetime Television in reaching their elimination decisions."

I can't help feeling that the show is more about gaining the biggest ratings rather than finding the greatest talent. It is obvious that the judges have been enamored with Anya from the beginning, but is that reason enough to give her the grand prize? Frankly, it's a slap in the face to Kimberly, Joshua and Viktor who have struggled much longer for their life-long dreams of a career in fashion. Fashion was not an afterthought or a what to do next for these contestants.

Anya has many supporters out there, but the Facebook backlash towards her, the judges and the show has been brutal: 

Comments from Project Runway's Facebook Page:

*Okay, Anya wasn't ready, sure she has good ideas but for God's sake, LEARN HOW TO PUT IN SLEEVES AND A ZIPPER! Josh needed the money and he could have gone somewhere with his looks, the green shorts weren't my favotire, but he at least wasn't sewing models into their clothes... Viktor had the potential to win, but as the judges said he didn't have a cohesive collection and that's where he went wrong. I know that Kimberly, Viktor, and Josh will grace the fashion world, Anya I think will go home, lay on the beach and not do anything with her fashion. The same thing that happened before fashion week will happen again with her... She only works well under pressure, what does that mean for the rest of her clothes? I don't know but I'm not too happy with the judges, they were biased throughout the competition with Anya, because she had just learned to sew, she was a favorite because she could 'sew garments' I'm sorry, did we ever see pants or a jacket from her that was well made? NO!

*Anya? Really? Same neckline 8 times, similar dresses all around. Didn't they cut Uli cuz of her same styling but she showed more versatility. Disappointed.

*I just stapled a napkin to my t shirt. Now, I can win Project Runway 2012.

*Yay, the one-trick pony won! Correct me if I'm wrong, but didn't the judges harass contestants who did the same thing over and over again in seasons prior to the Gretchen Incident?

*They do NOT pick the winner on creativity. The least creative for the past two years have won. What a fiasco. Guess that the winner of the popularity contest is deemed the winner. Lack of creativity...oodles of popularity. Last year's winner wasn't the most popular so this year they must have just looked at the popularity contest. What a shame.

*Im wondering if the Lifetime producers are doing the judging? After the last couple of seasons the judges have either been told who the winner should be or they have clearly lost their mind.

*anya, really? I could make that crap and I don't even have a sewing machine.

*PR may have ruined it's credibility... Possibly for good.

*Anya was "the only one of the final 4 that had true vision and direction"? Seriously, vision and directed by, expressed by work, not banal accolades and adjectives. Her "work" was not passable and she was kept on for weeks and won because of something OTHER than her ability. Hearing Nina say Kimberly wasn't "ready" and yet anya is so marketable was laughable on its face. The show is a joke and the so called judges have zero credibility.

*Maybe it is about time to replace the judging panel. Bad choices for the winner twice in a row!

*ANYA!?!?! SERIOUSLY!?!?!?



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Anya. Season 9Anya. Season 9

Week after week, the judges give their often harsh critiques and expect the contestants to heed the advice... Can they do the same?