Thespian Couture on Project Runway All Stars


The All Stars took to the stage in last week's challenge. They were to create a costume for a character who played a flamboyant rich woman [who likes to flaunt her wealth] in the play


. This was truly a challenge for the designers since costume design lives in a different world than fashion design. None of them really delivered "costume." Nonetheless, there was still a winner and one designer was out. Broadway star, 

Sutton Foster,

guest judged. The winner's prize was that their dress would be featured and worn in


and their bio would appear in the show's program.


Kenley Collins

was "safe." The judges weren't crazy about her look but loved the jacket, noting its fine execution. In the workroom, mentor [and Marie Claire editor]

Joanna Coles

noticed the absence of polka dots in Kenley's design and made a comment about it which slightly ruffled Kenley's feathers. It was clear that tension in the workroom is beginning to become more prevalent.


Michael Costello's

dress got a good amount of praise, especially his color palette and the feathered head piece. Unfortunately, his look was more runway ready than Broadway costume-worthy. He should have over-accessorized to play up the flamboyancy of the


character, though it still wouldn't have gotten him the win. I


think he'll end up in the top three.


A slip of the tongue had

Isaac Mizrahi





" rather than


. He was quickly corrected by the designer. I wonder how accidental that truly was? Its sure fitting! The judges liked Austin's look and styling.


Ah, and then we have


hooker couture. I don't know what went wrong here except that Mila must have really felt out of her element [and comfort zone]. She is a modern, almost minimalist designer who tried to create an extravagant, theatrical costume. Didn't work. Sadly, the white faux fur coat screamed street walker and the asymmetrical skirt was unflattering. No surprise that she was in the bottom two.


Kara Janx

. Sweet, emotional, overly-sensitive Kara went bye bye. She actually has never bothered me. I found her stories/explanations amusing and at times insightful. BUT it was her time to go. She missed the mark , again with fit issues and questionable taste. Kara, darling, and what's with that enormous bow??


I have a feeling we're going to see more and more wins from


in the remaining episodes and I'm just fine with that. He stands an excellent chance for the well-deserved grand prize.

Like you, I have no idea what any of the upcoming challenges are going to be. We'll have to wait week to week for that 30 second preview. I am hoping that as the show draws closer to an end, the thematic challenges become fewer and that the designers get to create garments that reveal more about their design aesthetic. Let's see who they really are as designers!