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InStyle Magazine e vincent martinez tomas espinoza

Two Fridays ago I was walking into the Time & Life Building in NY for an appointment at InStyle Magazine. The purpose of my visit with the fashion features editor was mostly casual. [She's fabulous, BTW!]

This was my first time inside the offices of a major publication so I was happy to get a grand tour BUT thrilled to walk in the "closet." [Never thought I'd be excited to be in the closet again!]

The fashion closet was everything I expected and more. Okay, for real, its nothing like "the closet" in that movie. That only exists in Hollywood blockbusters. Nonetheless, it was a large space filled with clothing, shoes and accessories, stacked ceiling to floor. Movable walls revealed shelves stocked full of the season's latest sunglass, scarves and handbags. A number of platforms shoes on the floor had been pulled for an accessories feature [had to walk around those] and three rolling racks of lingerie had just been returned from a shoot. The unglamorous task of cataloguing every single piece upon arrival is a tedious job that must be done as all items are returned to designers. Yep, they don't get to keep anything!

Either way, I can now say [boast] that I have walked through the fashion closet of a major magazine.

How did it feel?

Like a kid in a designer candy store!

Thanks InStyle!