An Electrifying Project Runway All Stars



Project Runway All Stars

lit up the runway, literally, in last week's exciting episode. The techno-chic challenge was All Star-worthy. The designers bypassed Mood and headed directly to a specialty lighting store for their supplies which consisted of LED lights and neon tape. THEN they headed over to Mood to look for fabrics that would work well under black light. Rapper/Singer

Pharrell Williams

was the guest judge for the evening. The winning design, which was clearly


choice regardless of the judges (professional) opinion, will be worn by one of Pharrell's artists.



was safe. I know he could have done much better than this design even though the overall styling worked - obviously, one of his strengths. He always thinks of the entire look as any good designer should. I've been a Team Mondo member from his original season on PR and I continue to be... I'm eager to see what he brings to the next few episodes.


Ninja couture by

Michael Costello

. He was in the bottom two for this one but had enough fighting moves to stay in the competition. I liked Michael's look. It reminded me of

Alexander McQueen's

2005 chess board collection. The problem with Michael was that he was all over the place and could not decide on a design. His execution, specifically with the neon tape application, was slightly sloppy.

Maybe not so slightly!

I'll give him props for not draping.


Pharrell, I'm trying to respect your choice, after all,


know (not us) who'll be wearing the winning design, but you're a dick and you cost


the win.


fashion designers,

Isaac Mizrahi


Georgina Chapman

praised the design and gave expert reasons why Kenley's was the best. Georgina even pointed how successfully the balance of proportion and volume weighed out with this look. But it was clear, at the end, that the best design didn't qualify, it was only Pharrell's choice that mattered.


At the request of Georgina Chapman,


raised the long, unflattering black skirt to expose the model's black-hosed legs. He possibly may have stayed in the competition if he had nixed the skirt. What a huge difference not having it made to the entire look. Too bad Jerell and goodbye.


Cry baby,

Austin Scarlett

won the challenge and could have also won an Academy Award for his "tearful" breakdown when Pharrell called him a "star." His high-tech, futuristic Marie Antoinette -esque design was good. I liked it. I just didn't love it.

The best part

: in the

After the Runway

segment, Isaac Mizrahi didn't hold back in telling Austin that Kenley should have won the challenge!

Pet peeve -side note:

Project Runway, Project Runway All Stars, Lifetime TV & Producers, EVERYONE knows that

Heidi Klum

coined the phrase: "As you know 

in fashion

one day you


re in

. And the next day, you're out." Its hers, WE get it! Why must you force poor

Angela Lindvall

to preface it with "as you know" or "as its been said"... stop it!!