Avoid an Office Holiday Party Wardrobe Malfunction: The Do's and Don'ts

by guest blogger Jason Torres


The office holiday party is coming and you do not want to be hiding your face behind your notepad as you walk through work on Monday ashamed of your behavior. Your goal is not to find someone to kiss under the mistletoe at this shindig, but to celebrate a good year and job well done working together.

Approach the office holiday party as you would your 

photo Christmas cards

. These greetings are going to a variety of locations: from your mom and dad to your best friends from college. You want to be you, but you don't want to be too over the top — office holiday party.  It's not worth risking your professional reputation by being a blundering idiot. These




apply to both women and men (except maybe the little black dress part). 


  • Get Your Sparkle On — However, if you're in your closet choosing your outfit and you pick up that glittery Vegas dress or suit, go ahead and put that right back in the closet. Probably going to be too much for the office party. But don't let that stop you from wearing something glittery and adorned with sequins - just keep it real.
  • The Little Black Dress — Classic and lovely, the little black dress is appropriate for your office party. Think about adding a scarf or big and bold accessories. Oh and shoes, add some sassy shoes.
  • Don't Stray From Your Style — Whether you are funky, sophisticated, playful or classic, come as yourself. This isn't Halloween. Being yourself will assure your comfort throughout the evening, in turn allowing you  to have a good time and not worry about a possible wardrobe malfunction.
  • Plan Small Talk — It's not a bad thing to be prepared for conversation. Talk with people in different departments. Introduce yourself to the bosses you may have not met. This may be the best chance to get to know people you see every day.
  • Thank the Party Planners — Whether you know it or not, there is a lot of preparation that goes into an office holiday party. The coordinator has to start in October in order to nail down the date and location for that very busy weekend in December. That is just the beginning of months of planning. Be sure to recognize.


  • Tuck Away the Cleave, Ladies — Again, office party. Not a time to show off your guns. Guaranteed, the dates of your fellow male co-workers will be quietly planning a drink spill on those boobies.
  • Shear Fabric — If it's see-through, people will be looking. Do you really want creepy Charlie from Accounting watching you all night?
  • Go Casual — The office party planning committee would be slightly offended if you decided the party wasn't important enough for you to dress nicely. Skip the casual attire and put on your pearls and cufflinks.
  • Christmas Sweaters — Unless it's an ugly sweater party, definitely leave the holiday decorations on the desk. Everyone probably already knows how much you love Christmas by the shape of your desk so show them another side to you. Leave the reindeer headband at home.
  • Get Funky Monkey — Don't get drunk at the party! No one has ever benefited by trying to keep up with Ke$ha on the Drunk-o-Meter. Even though you feel comfortable because you and your boss are chatting it up, remember, come Monday morning, you are not best friends. He or she is still your boss and will remember what you said, because surely they are watching their behavior. (hmm...or are they?)
  • Post Pictures — Your co-workers may not want their pictures posted on social media . Don't post without asking them first. Same goes for checking them into Yelp or Facebook, respect their privacy.