Project Runway embraces Social Media...


Inspiration via Social Media... Yup. Project Runway took to Twitter to conceptualize this week's challenge. The

Project Runway Allstars

were given a selection of images which were tweeted by Project Runway fans to choose from and create a look "inspired" by the image. Some designers were too literal while others were floating in outer space. 

The Bottom 3:


Joshua McKinley

, you know I'm rooting for you, but girl, you need to step it up, like a lot! Tim Gunn would definitely scream "make it work, bitch!" Joshua, you have all this talent and insanity flowing through you but all you're giving us is the insanity! Find that balance between the two and kick some Allstar butt!!


One would think that Project Runway would be the perfect platform to experiment, try new things and take risks. NOT!


, this is a competition and you need to be certain of what you are doing. The drapey trouser didn't work because you were lacking the skills set to create it. I totally appreciate the aesthetic you were trying to achieve but try it at home, not in the workroom.


It's hard to be mean to


because he's so adorable. But his charm and zany personality couldn't save him from elimination.

The Top 3:

[caption id="attachment_18141" align="aligncenter" width="478" caption="Anthony Ryan"]



[caption id="attachment_18142" align="aligncenter" width="478" caption="Laura Kathleen"]



[caption id="attachment_18143" align="aligncenter" width="478" caption="Emilio Sosa"]



This is where it gets confusing for me. I don't know what spell

Anthony Ryan

has over the judges, but it's not working on me. I don't really care how wearable his dresses are. I don't really care how great they fit (they don't always)... I


care that they are fucking boring! Yet he continues to get so much praise from the judges. Whatever!

Both designers,

Laura Kathleen


Emilio Sosa

presented beautiful dresses that possessed movement, fluidity and wow-factor.  I was disappointed when they didn't win the challenge. One of them should've rather than the sausage in heels Anthony sent down the runway.