BAROQCO and ABE by Ariane Chaumeil - Jewelry Presentation - FW 2018/19


There is magic and mystery in a mirror : the reflection of who looks into it is real, but reversed. We can see who we are, but always from the same point of view: face to face and reversed, with our own defects. It reflects a sort of fixed image of us, while at the same time truncated yet perfect, as another face of reality. Since we gaze at ourselves, all fantasies become possible and brings us back to face each other, and to what the world has to face.

Sometimes it's a symbol of a door to a different world in literature or beliefs, sometimes a magic tool or holly in a lot of religions, the mirror is a paradox, considered as a perfect restitution of the truth as an imaginary distortion. Thus the reflection from the mirror may make us see either the shadow or the light in ourselves, in our world, the chiaroscuro, the white or the black, the wisdom or the perversion. And as a two-way mirror, you can see without being seen. Step through and find out with this collection, and the part of your soul using your imagination, whether it is dark or radiant…

The fall winter collection of the ABE by Ariane Chaumeil house, whose crafting remains done with the blowtorch glass, becomes richer with a new proposition: the metal paste making. Sculpted and cast, the metal paste is modeled, sanded, fired at high temperatures, brushed and rubbed with a burnisher and polished several times in order to get pieces of golden and white bronze, and of pure copper, with a shiny, ancient rendering.


Inside the Life of a Fashion Illustrator

fashion illustration

CNN reported on the life of British spy and artist Brian Stonehouse, who was trained as a secret clandestine radio operator. Living a double life, he posed as a French art student while carrying a paint box with a transmitter in it. He later survived multiple concentration camps. After the war, he became a fashion illustrator for the likes of Vogue and Harper's Bazaar. The path to fashion illustrator isn’t usually as daring and adrenaline-pumping as Stonehouse's story, but then again, no two careers are alike in the fashion world. If you're interested in pursuing a career as a fashion illustrator, here's a glimpse into a few aspects of life as a fashion illustrator. 

Promoting Yourself

Many renowned fashion illustrators like Stephen Stipelman graduated from the Fashion Institute of Technology and went on to illustrate for Vogue and Women’s Wear Daily. However, a New York City education and credentials are not required to make it in this industry. Because fashion illustrators are generally freelancers, many spend a large majority of their time marketing their skills. This includes developing a following, creating promotional newsletters, working on social media campaigns, and uploading completed work to Shutterstock to gather exposure while earning some income on royalties.

Working illustrator Veronica Marche found commercial success with her "Fabulous Brown Girls" holiday card collection sold in Marshall's and T.J.Maxx department stores nationwide, which discovered her through her online presence and social media promotions. Meanwhile, Katie Rodgers promoted her site PaperFashion through Instagram and found a loyal following that lead to new commissions.

Attending Runway Shows

Whether you’re working on assignment or just trying to gain inspiration, it’s the norm to see fashion illustrators lining the rows of Fashion Week. Fashion sketches embody a certain fantasy and emotion of the event and can be done quickly by hand or on an iPad. Some illustrators also work on sketches of what's happening beyond the runway. They can simultaneously capture what’s happening at the event with photographers, designers, and makeup artists while making new connections. 

A Variety of Work

Most fashion illustrators will tell you their day-to-day varies drastically. Some illustrators may work on commission projects for corporate or publisher clients, while others illustrate to build up their own collection of work to sell directly to consumers. 

Fashion illustrator Katie Rodgers spends time gathering information through fashion shows and trend reports, and anything else she can find that relates to fashion. She maintains her blog Paper Fashion as a means to promote her work and keep up with the demand of commission work.

Finding a Niche

It takes more than just self-promotion, but also endurance to thrive as a fashion illustrator.

Danielle Meder works on sketches at runway shows, contemporary fashion paper dolls with a complete wardrobe, along with teaching and figure drawings. Because many fashion illustrators have an apparel or design background of some kind, it's natural to veer into areas where previous expertise may assist with instructional drawings and sewing patterns. As an illustrator's work and career progresses, it's natural to find a particular area of specialization. Once a niche has been established, an illustrator can then market that niche to the right target audience.


Atlanta welcomes Kendra Scott Jewelry


Photo courtesy of Dylan York 

She entered the space and it was love at first sight. For real! Kendra Scott had me under a spell. She is a perfect balance of beauty, brains and confidence - a lovely spirit inside and out! Kendra shared her inspiring success story with me just minutes before the grand opening of her first location in Georgia. 

Kendra Scott is located in Buckhead at the

Shops Around Lenox

The store is beautiful, bright and sparkly, pretty much like her. 

She's slated to open a second Georgia location this Fall in Alpharetta.


We spoke of many things, including her dedication to philanthropy. Closer to home, Kendra Scott will be providing all the amazing jewelry for my upcoming

Doggies on the Catwalk!

I'm thrilled!!

Welcome to Atlanta Kendra Scott!

 We're so happy you're here.


Project Runway embraces Social Media...


Inspiration via Social Media... Yup. Project Runway took to Twitter to conceptualize this week's challenge. The

Project Runway Allstars

were given a selection of images which were tweeted by Project Runway fans to choose from and create a look "inspired" by the image. Some designers were too literal while others were floating in outer space. 

The Bottom 3:


Joshua McKinley

, you know I'm rooting for you, but girl, you need to step it up, like a lot! Tim Gunn would definitely scream "make it work, bitch!" Joshua, you have all this talent and insanity flowing through you but all you're giving us is the insanity! Find that balance between the two and kick some Allstar butt!!


One would think that Project Runway would be the perfect platform to experiment, try new things and take risks. NOT!


, this is a competition and you need to be certain of what you are doing. The drapey trouser didn't work because you were lacking the skills set to create it. I totally appreciate the aesthetic you were trying to achieve but try it at home, not in the workroom.


It's hard to be mean to


because he's so adorable. But his charm and zany personality couldn't save him from elimination.

The Top 3:

[caption id="attachment_18141" align="aligncenter" width="478" caption="Anthony Ryan"]



[caption id="attachment_18142" align="aligncenter" width="478" caption="Laura Kathleen"]



[caption id="attachment_18143" align="aligncenter" width="478" caption="Emilio Sosa"]



This is where it gets confusing for me. I don't know what spell

Anthony Ryan

has over the judges, but it's not working on me. I don't really care how wearable his dresses are. I don't really care how great they fit (they don't always)... I


care that they are fucking boring! Yet he continues to get so much praise from the judges. Whatever!

Both designers,

Laura Kathleen


Emilio Sosa

presented beautiful dresses that possessed movement, fluidity and wow-factor.  I was disappointed when they didn't win the challenge. One of them should've rather than the sausage in heels Anthony sent down the runway.







Thank YOU!

[caption id="attachment_8623" align="alignleft" width="219" caption="Karen Portaleo, Cake Artist at Highland Bakery."]karen-portaleo-cake-artist-highland-bakery-food-network-vincent-martinez-fashionado[/caption]

I remember the days I would post a new blog on Thursdays only. I did that consistently, without fail, for an entire year. [fashionado's first year] Honestly, there were times that I had to really search for a story.

I remember the days I was lucky to have 30 daily visitors!

Its amazing how much can change in just one year. Life is kinda like that, too...

Today, my website celebrates its second anniversary and I am blessed with an abundance of stories and visitors. Life is good!

My message today is simply a thank you. But, its really not that "simple."  I mean it with a lot of sentiment. "THANK YOU" for the tremendous support you have provided and continue to provide.

Without you, there is no blog, no website... no fun! xoxo


Welcome to FASHIONADO!


Welcome to fashionado!

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