A Treatise on Accessories: Scarves Reign Supreme

by guest blogger Samantha Bailey


I recently had a discussion with a trusted friend that went like this:

Me: I have decided that of all accessories, scarves are the very best. What do you think?
Friend: Well, let's think this over. Scarves ARE quite versatile, but I'd say sunglasses are the best ever. They give you mystery eyes!
Me: Good point! However, wearing sunglasses indoors is really shady. Scarves are great inside and outside!

Firstly, see what I did there with "shady?" You're welcome. Secondly, I started this conversation as a bit of a joke, but as I thought about it, I realized I was right. Scarves are the very best accessory and I can identify and invalidate the claims of these pretenders to the accessory throne. Batten down your hatches and prepare for a world star level battle of the whole thing. 


Sunglasses are exceptional accessories. I'm not trying to take anything away from sunglasses. They do give you mystery eyes and the color and shape of the frames can say a whole lot about your personality. Only the most confident and outgoing of us can pull off big, bright frames on a regular basis. For the more sartorially conservative among us, a classic aviator or black ray ban can give kick to your outfit and protect your eyes from sun damage.

The biggest fail for sunglasses is the limited realm of socially acceptable occasions at which they can be worn. Unless you're in a high stakes poker tournament, you can't really get away with wearing sunglasses indoors or (despite what Corey Hart would have you think) at night.


Hats are in the same boat as sunglasses. They're great for those that can pull them off, but they also have limitations as to when and where it's appropriate to wear them. I, for one, am quite sad that ladies hats are no longer in vogue as they were in the '40s. The upper crust of British society loves nothing more than a fantastical hat or fascinator for a formal affair, but here in the U.S., they are looked on more as costume pieces than fashion.

Thusly, Scarves Rule Supreme

While hats and sunglasses have been shown (above) to be valid components of your wardrobe, let's look at how and why the scarf has, and shall forevermore, reign supreme.

Firstly, there is a great variety of scarf shapes and sizes. I truly believe anyone could find at least one scarf that fits their personality.

Secondly, scarves are unisex. Outside of winter, male scarf-wearing is generally limited to hipsters and artistes (yes, the "e" is intentional).


scarves are universal

. They can be worn indoors and outdoors in all seasons. Scarves are perfect for any weather: hot or cold, rain or shine. A scarf can be paired with the most casual outfit right up through formal wear. A scarf isn't sized, so you can purchase one as a gift without implying anything about the recipient, other than their excellent fashion sense.

You're welcome world. Now on your next visit to the accessories department, you'll know where to start your shopping. Viva la scarf!