Introducing the All-Black Monsieur de CHANEL Watch

All-Black Take on Its Monsieur de CHANEL Watch

Turning its focus back to its Monsieur de CHANEL watch, Chanel recently unveiled a new all-black take on its flagship watch.

Set to officially launch at Baselworld 2019, the Monsieur de CHANEL Édition Noire features a 42mm matte black ceramic case paired with a matching grained dial. Markings on the dial are raised and done in a silver tone for a classic look.

The watch utilizes Chanel’s proprietary movement developed by independent watchmaker Romain Gauthier, expressed via a 240-degree retrograde minute scale and accompanying hour window. A sapphire window on the steel case back spotlights the Caliber 1 hand-wound movement, which features twin barrels and a 72-hour power reserve.

No official pricing details just yet, but Chanel’s Monsieur de CHANEL Edition Noire watch is set for a 55 unit limited release sometime in September.


FASHIONADO's Holiday Shop is Open for Business! fashionado

Shopping for the Holiday's is hard. Shopping for an outfit to wear to all the parties is even harder. is here to make it easy with the Holiday Shop; one stop shopping for all your holiday party outfit needs, pulling the best the brand has to offer from all collections: Boohoo Basics, Boohoo Plus, Boohoo Petite, Boohoo Night, Boohoo Blue, and of course, Boohoo Boutique. With dresses, top and skirt combo looks, separates, shoes and accessories, the options are endless! Prices are fantastic as usual, and deals are offered daily to make the holiday's even sweeter! And guys... there's Boohoo Men for you!

Here are the links to the above fabulous finds:

1) Adina Woven Star Dress  2) Boutique Viola Embelished 3) Boutique Sequin Lace-Up Back Dress   Shift  4) Ruby Caged Ghillie Heel 5) Jasmine Shell Clutch Bag 6) Frey Velvet Boots  

Check out the shop here:



The Four Straps You Need In Your Watch Collection

Usually the first thing a guy notices when picking out a new watch is the face. With so many different displays, colors, designs, etc.—and now the option of smart watches—the face offers the most variety and will be the most noticeable component of any time piece. But somewhat subtly, the number of choices you have in your watch strap has also increased in recent years, and there are a lot of popular styles today that might have been considered slightly unconventional just a decade ago. So forget about traditional clunky leather straps and the boring, ordinary chain link bracelets. Here are four edgier strap options that any thorough watch collector (or just stylish guy) should consider snatching up.

Milanese Loop

The Milanese Loop is my favorite alternative to regular chain metal straps, in that it serves some of the same basic functions (namely, it can be dressed up or dressed down, and it's metal), without all the chunkiness. Reviewing the Apple Watch Milanese Loop (which is largely responsible for bringing the strap back to the mainstream), Apple Vis called it "a pleasure to wear" and compared its feel to that of "a soft bath towel." If that doesn't intrigue you, then you must just not prioritize comfort! Milanese Loops do tend to feel almost liquid-like due to their delicate, woven mesh designs. They're lightweight and easily adjustable, which makes them very convenient as well. One tip: don't wear one too tightly. It can be less comfortable and also looks a little too formal.

Simplified Leather

Most ordinary leather watch straps have stitching along their edges, and in many cases (I'd argue most), it can make the center of the strap appear somewhat puffed up. This problem is completely avoided in what I like to call simplified leather straps: lighter, more casual leather bands that are increasingly popular of late. These straps are more uniform, less bulky, and absolutely ideal for casual wear. Lyst's section on men's watches demonstrates that they can also cater to a number of different styles of watch face, and they can be more formal as well (as in the case of a chic Shore Projects watch with a white face and simplified black leather strap).

Nylon & Canvas Straps

This is a style I borrowed from Gear Patrol, which did a really cool write-up on some custom watch strap designers, including one who specializes in "tool" watches designed with military grade, fabric straps. Specifically, this refers to the kind of tightly woven nylon and canvas straps (often pale brown or army green in color) that have long been popular in various military divisions and NASA. If you're looking for a more rugged option to have around, this carries a very masculine fashion appeal along with it.

Rubber Sport Bands

Apple has also made this watch strap popular in the past year or so, with iPhone DJ calling it "incredibly comfortable" (and noting that it's actually made out of something called fluoroelastomer, not rubber). But Apple isn't the only brand producing this strap. The truth is that rubber, silicone, and similar materials have long been a great choice for those with athletic concerns, and lately they're more necessary than ever given the trend toward watch use in workout routines. If you're active, one of these belongs in your collection.

Adding these four options to your standard leather and chain link straps will give you a perfectly diversified watch strap collection. It's a great way to make sure you always have a watch for any given occasion or use.


My "Aspire Stylish" Eyewear

e vincent martinez fashionado

Do you like my new glasses?! I am obsessed with them! I recently introduced you to Aspire Eyewear, a fashion-worthy, lightweight brand exclusively distributed by ClearVision Optical. These glasses- my glasses - sport a subtle grey-green fade, weigh next to nothing but are extremely sturdy. Aspire offers many styles to choose from and colors, but mine will work well with my wardrobe and silvered hair. Hey, these are things to consider when choosing eyewear. Form and function, as I've said many times, go hand-in-hand when establishing style.

aspire eyewear

Can you can see the translucency of the frames? I've never handled more lightweight glasses than Aspire's. They use a specially designed nylon material that makes Aspire Eyewear 50% lighter and thinner than regular frames. The designers of Aspire have achieved the perfect balance between style and technology. Make sure to visit their website for more information and to find a location near you!

Aspire Eyewear is a must have: vintage vibes with a modern twist. Classic, sophisticated but edgy.


Robert Matthew Handbags and the Celebrities who Love Them!

Take a stroll down Rodeo Drive or cruise along Sunset Blvd and chances are you’ll see a starlet or two flaunting a Robert Matthew handbag. Celebrities like Alicia Silverstone and Julia Stiles recognize their impeccable quality and appreciate the attention to detail that goes in to each handbag. Optimum functionality, luxurious materials and cutting edge designs are the cornerstones of every Robert Matthew handbag setting it apart as the “It” bag for women who want to stay ahead of the trends. Now, with their newly modernized website that is simple to navigate, Robert Matthew handbags can be yours at the touch of your fingertips!

The inception of Robert Matthew began when two lifelong friends, Robert and Matthew, recognized the passion between a woman and her handbag. Hailing from the state of California, they loved to see the evolving fashion of women, from the casual styles of San Francisco to the fashion forward influences of Los Angeles. This compelled them to create their own line of fashionable and functional handbags, for every woman and every occasion. Now, they have become the designers to watch as the demand continues to build for their handbags. Featured below are two popular items in their latest collection:

Robert Matthew Sofia 24K Gold Leather Shoulder Clutch - perfect for spring, this just-the-right-size clutch has room for all of your necessities but is not so large that it overpowers your breezy spring and summer outfits. Features one front pocket and one main compartment, adjustable shoulder strap, real saffiano leather, 24K gold plated hardware and a fun pinstriped lining. Available for  $168.00 at   

Robert Matthew Khloe Tote - the fan favorite Khloe Tote uses animal friendly vegan leather and light gold plated hardware. This extremely functional and versatile bag can be carried as a tote with its dual top handles, or utilize the removable and adjustable shoulder straps for ease and convenience. This structured bag has a sleek design with two roomy outward side pockets.  Peek inside to find a luxurious pinstriped lining. Available for $189.00 at


Honor Earth Day with Eco-Friendly Accessories: Alkemie Jewelry Transforms Reclaimed Metal into Wearable Art

Celebrate Earth Day with a bold statement.  Alkemie Jewelry’s striking designs embody the beauty and power of the natural world and are made without harming the planet. Each piece is forged from 100% reclaimed metals that would otherwise be destined for the landfill. True to their name, Alkemie transforms the common into precious.

These signature Alkemie pieces connect the wearer to the earth while helping protect its resources for future generations. All designs are offered for both men and women.

A portion of every sale at goes to support the Seva Foundation in their efforts to bring eye care to communities in need. (


The Super Cool Style of JJ Suspenders

Suspenders are one of the coolest men's accessories out there and yet not so many men wear them. Let's change that! Allow me to introduce you to JJ Suspenders - the greatest brand I've found on the market. The owner's of JJ Suspenders decided to start their own company of producing quality, hand-crafted suspenders after looking and looking for them in stores and online and not finding what they desired - I can totally relate to that! (In the photo above) I'm wearing JJ Suspenders in leather. These are sharp. Badass! I paired them up with a lavender Brooks Brothers shirt and Uniqlo jeans and I was good to go! The leather suspenders are adjustable through their handsome brass buckles and I've got to tell ya, the clip-on construction  is very solid. I wore them all day. They provided that little extra oomph to my look.

Solids, stripes and patterns in a variety of widths, clips and buttons. These designer suspenders will help you rock a look or dress you up. Either way, it's a fashion win-win. You really need to check out the entire collection of JJ Suspenders because there is something there for every man, every look, every day!