Elie Tahari challenges Project Runway

[caption id="attachment_18626" align="aligncenter" width="440" caption="Joanna Coles and designer Elie Tahari are relieved to learn that All Star Joshua McKinley wasn't finished with the dress!"]



From winner to loser, there were absolutely no surprises in last week's

Project Runway All Stars

. Nonetheless, it was a great episode. I love when the designers have to wear their business hats and consider marketability and manufacturing. A soft spoken and inspiring

Elie Tahari

delivered the challenge which had an amazing opportunity attached for the winner. The winning design will be sold in Tahari stores with proceeds going to the

Save the Garment Center



The scoring placed Emilio Sosa in the bottom three but that was all. He was safe, whew. His dress lacked runway appeal, though it was well made. Emilio is great about listening to the judge's comments and is especially good about receiving workroom criticism. Perhaps it backfired this time because the original design featured color-blocking [way more exciting] throughout the dress which he changed based on Elie Tahari's feelings/comments.


Unless if Project Runway decides to host a top four in the season finale, Joshua McKinley is done. He would have to win next week's challenge to get in the top three. Maybe.


She loved the textile's pattern, as did I. It was gorgeous! But Ivy fell in love with it too much and wouldn't hear Tahari's advice to make it a short dress. After all, the winning look would be carried in his stores so he definitely gets a say so in the matter!

Anytime a Project Runway designer feeds you that bullshit about "staying true" or "being true" as a designer OR to their design, they are committing runway suicide. She was a goner... yet I'll give her props... Ivy left the show gracefully.



Tim Gunn

coined the phrase "

make it work

" he must have had Uli in mind. She is my fav and I want to see her win... Her biggest obstacle wont be the challenges, it'll be golden boy who can make a dress made of shit and the judges will say it smells like roses.


OMG! Anthony Ryan was the winner...

What a surprise!

NOT!!! I haven't figured out why I dislike him so much because Anthony Ryan is a very good designer. Perhaps its the judges I should be pissed with who are playing favorites? Or maybe its just his ridiculous hair style which I hate and I'm just being petty? Regardless of my feelings, when Anthony Ryan creates a good dress, I say it. And he did! Congrats golden boy!