Just say NO to NYE!


I did! The last few years I've said NO to the overrated shindigs at clubs, restaurants and hotels. They're just not worth the hassle. And usually don't offer enough bang for your buck! Instead, I've found a better, more rewarding party... with my own family and close friends. I can eat and drink all I want while being around the people that mean the most to me rather than being clusterfucked with the crazies that ring in the New Year! Who wants to be out on the roads with all those lunatics anyway. I tell you, private parties and gatherings are the way to go. My friend and NYFW running mate Emily Chandler Westergreen shares a similar sentiment. She'll be spending NYE with her family as well. In referring to the NYE party goers, Emily put it best, "it's like amateur night," she said. Need I say more?

I hope YOU have a happy and safe New Year's Eve. Celebrate in your own style! And hey, if you're drinking, don't drive! Consider taking an


... check them out.