Speakeasies, Soirées & Garden Parties; Project Runway All Stars

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Kudos Project Runway for conceptualizing a great challenge. This was a creative and truly competitive one, fitting of an All Star. The inspiration was 1920's. The categories were "Speakeasies, Soirées & Garden Parties." How the challenge was detailed is where it got good... the designers were paired off to compete against each other per category. A fashion "face-off!" The 1920's served only as inspiration for the final design which had to be modern, not '20s! The designers were given $250 and went shopping at Mood. As much as I enjoyed the episode, I


have a bone to pick with you Project Runway... 

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Emilio Sosa and Joshua McKinley "faced-off." Emilio's design was the judges pick but I think it was very close to a tie. Their category was Garden Party. The judges liked both dresses very much but felt Emilio's seemed dated. Joshua's brooch was a fail and the judges felt his dress didn't take a big enough risk. At this point in the competition the remaining designers are all so skilled and talented that the judges (usually) have little choice but to be extra picky.

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Uli's and Laura Kathleen's girls went to a soirée. The judges loved both looks. They felt Laura Kathleen's was better without the fur vest and they agreed that this was a challenge made for Uli.

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There was no competition between Ivy and Anthony Ryan. In the workroom, mentor

Joanna Coles

asked them to rate one another on a scale of 1-10. Golden boy gave Ivy a strong 7/8 and she gave him a 5! Seriously Ivy? Well, that made for good TV because Anthony Ryan won the overall challenge and Ivy was in the bottom two. The feather caplet, btw, was fabulous!

Here is the issue I have with the show... Feels like Project Runway is up to their dirty tricks again... When you compare the criticism given to Ivy and to Laura Kathleen, who was the loser, it was a no brainer that Ivy had the weakest design. Clearly Ivy should have gone home on the basis of her critique. Did you notice Ivy's facial expression when she realized she was safe? Even she thought she was being sent home. The only reason I can imagine the producers kept Ivy is for ratings. I bet she'll have a meltdown which Project Runway will sensationalize and capitalize on... ahhh... "reality" TV!