The Essential Guide to Strapping Strapless Winter Looks


by guest blogger: Mollie O'grady

Winter is just around the corner, and unless you live in a tropical paradise, it's time to put away your beloved summer wardrobe and pull out the cozy sweaters and boots...or is it?

This winter, the fashion world is exploding with fun looks that weave summer's hottest trend, the strapless dress, long into the winter months.

Try these styles to jazz up any strapless dress.


Winter can be frigid. Although it's tempting to try on cute, semi-skimpy tube dresses that go perfectly with those new peep-toe heels, you don't want to be caught outside when a gust of wind makes you cringe longingly for the Caribbean. Keeping warm in a strapless dress can be tricky business, so make sure to bundle and layer as much as you can without looking like a bag lady.


When wearing a strapless dress in the winter, start your look from your feet up, when those tootsies are bundled it makes a huge difference. This season it's all about the boots. From rocking boots to stilettos; boots are back in a big way. Boots make a great accompaniment to strapless dresses, as you can throw tights or even hide poodle fleece socks underneath. As noted by Urban Outfitters, this season's cute looks include pairing socks with pumps or even peep-toes to stretch your summer wear as long as possible.

Next, it's time to work those legs! Take advantage of the boat loads of cute leggings lining this year's racks. You can mix and match colors with styles, lacing looks 

edgy against corduroy

, and sparkles match with just about anything. The same goes with tights, you can pair patterns for a fun bohemian look, or spice things up with fishnets over nude tights for warmth and style on a sassy night out.


Although sometimes you have to forgo a little comfort for the sake of style, if it's enough to give you frostbite, then you've gone too far. That's where layers come in. Layers are making waves across runways in a big way this year, and you can easily cash in on the cuteness. If you have fitted long sleeve shirts, or even baby doll t-shirts, you can layer them underneath your strapless dress and throw a cardigan over. Even the added warmth of a 

camisole paired

under your strapless dress can work out nicely.

Last but not least, a jacket or coat is the most important part of a winter ensemble. There are infinite numbers of cute coats out there just begging to be paired with your favorite strapless dress. A fitted trench coat can give a strapless dress an instant elegance, taking you from a cute daytime look to fancy and warm in an instant. Puffy down coats can be added for extra "spunk" and go-anywhere attitude, or a blazer can add a muted respect for business and play time. Top your look off with a cute hat and scarf and you'll be the bell of the winter ball!