Project Runway with Miranda Lambert

[caption id="attachment_19679" align="aligncenter" width="440" caption="Country music star and Grammy winner, Miranda Lambert joined Nina Garcia, Zac Posen and Heidi Klum in the judges circle. "]



Country & Rock collided on

Project Runway

when the designers were challenged to create stage and red carpet looks for country music star

Miranda Lambert

. For this episode, the designers split into teams of two and for the most part, I'd say they all played very well together. No big surprises. No big drama. Imagine that... a Project Runway episode about fashion and




Amanda crawled from under the bus her "team" threw her under to create this judge's fav fringed dress. It fit well and had great movement. Amanda didn't win the challenge but I was happy to see her kick butt.


Another judge's fav. Benjamin's red carpet look was beautiful but I just wasn't crazy about it. For some reason, the bedazzled fringe dangling from the bodice really bugged me!


Daniel got served a big fucking slice of humble pie! His cocky and overly confident attitude in the workroom was too much. Look at me, look at me. I'm so fabulous. This technique is the best. Look at me... UGH! Hopefully, being in the bottom put his ego in check and an abundance of talent is all we'll see from Daniel from this point forward.


, does anyone else hate that ridiculous moustache?!!


Kate's red carpet look is a little much with the red leather. I like the dress and appreciate the effort but the hardness of the leather fights the flowy chiffon bottom. I would have used the red leather sparingly. Also, notice the gold stud work on the shoulders? Perhaps Kate ran out of time, but there just wasn't enough of them. They look like an afterthought. I want to see more from Kate. My advice to her: EDIT.


The ruching and structure of the bodice is very nice and I like that the belt adds a flattering touch of sparkle to the look. I am just not crazy about center slits AND why is the model holding up the dress?!! If she can't work a gown, she shouldn't be on the runway.


This was painful. Not the dress so much as Matthew's demeanor. The dress wasn't awful but it didn't scream Miranda Lambert. The real problem was Matthew's lack of confidence and self esteem. It was hard to watch him speak and question and doubt himself. He was sent home. Hopefully he'll get some help.


Are you kidding me? A denim skirt for a red carpet look! Like the judges, I have to question Michelle's taste. The leather vest was rockin' fab, Miranda like it and Heidi pointed out that they are judging the complete look, not individual pieces. The vest was painfully over-shadowed by the floor length denim skirt and bib necklace. Zac Posen said the necklace was so distracting it looked like linguini dangling.


The Native American-esque leather fringe is dramatic and fabulous. Now, all Patricia needs to do is create a dress to go with it... not this one. She needs a dress that works in unison with the fringed accessory. Right now I am seeing two, very distracting things happening. It's just not working. I think that Patricia is starting to get consumed with her heritage and is compromising good design.


Yay for Richard! He was so genuinely happy to win the challenge and he deserved it. Not only was it a terrific looking dress with plenty of appeal and movement, but Richard truly "made it work." [Tim Gunn should be very proud!] The dress was made of mesh making it too revealing. At the last moment, in a stoke of genius, Richard cut up the Mood t-shirts he bought with their budget money and created a lining. Perfect!


This dress is boring. Stanley struggled with it and it shows. Do I really need to say anything else?


Samantha's look was not a hit with the judges. I didn't love it, but I liked it. The colors are too dark so a lot of detailing got lost. The leather vest is HOT!


Poor Tim Gunn almost suffered a stroke or something in the workroom with Tu Suthiwat's dress. Thank God, Praise the Lord that the advice Tim offered was taken, otherwise the model would have looked like a balloon cartoon with the blowouts Tu Suthiwat wanted to make in the chest and hip areas. And though the final result isn't bad, he didn't really consider the client. This is not a look for Miranda Lambert.