Size Does Not Matter...I Repeat, Size Doesn't Matter - Just Ask Adeleand Emme

by Tracy Hogan


Call them normal, call them plus size, call them whatever you like; these beloved women have captured the hearts of audiences everywhere, as they strut their stuff straight into the spotlight. Gracing the cover of magazines and awarded for their incredible talents and spirits, these women are all about style, grace, body, mind and soul.

It's so important for our role models to emphasize a healthy body image and self-esteem when time and time again, boys and girls are chastised for being overweight. The importance of exercise and eating right is more visible than ever, as it should be, but thanks to ladies like



Robyn Lawley



, women can 

feel more confident

in their own skin, seeing that being super-skinny isn't what matters.

Emme: Strength

The first "supersize super model," 


is a vision of beauty, strength and dignity. She exudes positivity, and she captures the attention of everyone around. She provides an online forum and trusted resource for women of all shapes, sizes and ethnicities to feel connected and accepted by real, grounded people who celebrate life.

Emme learned she had lymphatic cancer in 2007. But with strength, hope and passion to survive, she came out cancer-free, strong and proud. Health and wellness are at the forefront of her message; she believes in relieving anxiety and stress, releasing anger, developing confidence and living a greener lifestyle.

Robyn Lawley: Grace

When we look at breathtaking supermodel Robyn Lawley, we'd like to thank her sponsors Ralph Lauren and Panache lingerie, clothing like Spanx (for shaping) and 

BuyCostumes plus size costumes

(for playing), for showing women of all sizes it's easy to feel and be sexy whenever the occasion calls. Whether she's on a swimwear shoot on the Cook Islands for Cosmopolitan Australia or on the catwalk, she embodies sex appeal, grace and playfulness.

Adele: Class

This has been a big year for our 

English queen, Adele

. With awards and accolades across all mediums, she continues to carry herself with grace and dignity. The emotion she evokes from music lovers across the globe is intense, as she digs deep within her soul to tell stories of love and loss. Her style is classy and her attitude is fierce.

Kate Upton: Seduction

Women and men across the world are entranced by the woman we met in the 2011 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue. Then just 18 years old, Upton has become the face of the all-American supermodel. While looking at this bombshell, you wouldn't at all think she was plus size (well, when discussing sizes 0-6, "plus" is relative), however she has been criticized for having a larger frame... ridiculous. She is the essence of woman.