Ready-to-Wear Roses on Project Runway

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Fashion came back to

Project Runway

last week! Thank goodness. As much as we loved the nakedness of the Thunder from Down Under beefcake, we missed good clothing and good design. While they're still working in teams, the designers are being allowed to "express" themselves at the same time. It was the "ready-to-wear" challenge with

Lord & Taylor

as the client.

The theme:

To design a RTW look, to be sold in stores and online, inspired by the iconic L&T rose. Who came up smelling like roses and who got pricked by the thorns? 


Pretty. Patricia has proven to be a real player here. She's a little different, sometimes a little "off" yet she always manages to bring it home. This is a very nice look. Kudos to Patricia for not allowing her teammate's bitchiness and rudeness to affect her. Check yourself Stanley!


Maybe if Stanley hadn't spent so much time being an asshole to Patricia, he could have focused on making an interesting dress.


Speaking of bitches... Richard, WTF!?? You're a grown man, stop acting like a little girl. He designed this jersey maxi and okay, I like it. A lot. So did Heidi. The problem lies in the fact that he's done this before. Show us something new please.


Layana's dress was naughty and nice. I loved the use of leather and the print on the skirt didn't bother me. However, the same print on the bodice was just way too much. I would have kept the top in a solid.


This dress would give me a stomach ache except it makes me think of Pepto Bismol and then I feel better. You know its BAD when the best thing a judge could say is "nice shoulders." I'm actually surprised that

Zac Posen


Rachel Roy

grilled Daniel on the sloppy construction around the slit and the hem! I'm ready for Daniel to go home. I want to enjoy the dramatic meltdown he'll probably have on the runway.


Poor choices... Samantha, who I was NOT ready to see go home, failed us (and herself) with this ruffled, layered tragedy. Her sketch was hot this dress was not! What happened? Maybe she didn't have enough time to stand back and edit?? There is too much going on with this look and not only does it come across as junior, but also cheap.



Tim Gunn

were straight, Michelle would need to put out because he gave her the win with his workroom wisdom. Tim talked her out of making a gloomy, hideous gray vest to go over the pretty chartreuse shift dress. This outfit is such a winner! I've heard it's already sold out at Lord & Taylor.