Project Runway "Wearable Art" Challenge


How fabulous is the Guggenheim? Of course it is, designed by the masterful Frank Lloyd Wright, the space is as magnificent as the masterpieces it houses. So it was quite appropriate that the Guggenheim would serve as the source of inspiration for

Project Runway's

"wearable art" challenge. The popular HP + Intel fabric challenge was integrated, heightening the level of creativity from the designers. Naturally, some did better with it than others. They are still working in teams and the only contribution "teams" are making to Project Runway at this point in the competition is making drama. One team member designed the art look while the other made a commercial counterpart.


Daniel was hit this week. He needed that because the last few challenges were (big) misses for him. [But] for me, he's done. Go home.


I want to see nothing else from Daniel.


Layana was Daniel's team partner. She created this mess of a dress. The symbolism here, artistically speaking, is that the dress captured Layana's inexperience and lack of art / cultural references due to the fact that she's like 12. This isn't art. She created crap wrapped in tulle. Layana, you do not know better than Tim Gunn or the judges, acknowledge that missy.


And while you're at it Layana, learn from Michelle. Yes I know the dress is weird, but this was NOT the ready-to-wear look, Michelle's partner Stanley was working on that design. Michelle successfully created an artfully cohesive gown made out of leather and painted bubble wrap!


Patricia: EDIT! Too much is too much... I loved the bold graphic patterns she created and there are aspects of the dress that I appreciate, like the silhouette when I squint my eyes. But to say that the chiffon head piece made the model androgynous tells me that you are clueless! The model looks like abstract-expressionist tragic bride.


Richard went home, yay! Too bad he didn't go packing the challenge before this one because Samantha would have soared at the Guggenheim. Richard became such a pain in the ass about everything and everyone that it just consumed him and his abilities. His emotions overshadowed good design and behavior!


Stanley took the well-deserved win and $10K!! [I hope he gives Michelle a little bit of that cash!] The dress is hot. I love the shape, pleating, structure and styling. I was not a fan of the print, however.

We are down to 5 designers.... I'm pretty good at nailing the top three but I must admit, I'm having a little trouble this time around.

Who do you think will make the top list??