Designers Emerge at D&G's New Boutique - Spiga2

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by guest blogger

Nicole Dunlap:

When established designers take strides to highlight up-and-coming fashion designers, it breathes fresh life into the fashion world. That's exactly what

Dolce & Gabbana

set out to do with the concept of its newest retail outlet in Milan, Spiga2. The brand personally chooses and sets 

emerging designers

on a high-profile stage, showing innovative creations to stand alongside D&G's accessories collection in the boutique.

The desire to marry tradition, fashion and technology was the spark that ignited the first visions of this new platform. The idea was to create a space to showcase the most talented rising stars in an environment that has the intimate mood and feel of a village shop. It's the first time Dolce & Gabbana has had multiple labels in its store, and it plans on rotating labels when it sees fit. It's a golden opportunity for lesser-known designers to show the world how they see fashion. 

Caterina Gatta


From Scarlet O'Hara in "Gone with the Wind" to Andie Walsh in "Pretty in Pink," fashion-forward gals have long known that you can create spectacular clothing out of remnants and leftovers. That ingenuity is how Caterina Gatta stepped from the ranks of designer wannabe's and caught the attention of D&G, Grazia magazine and London's Italian Cultural Institute. Gatta searches for authentic vintage meters and remnants of fabric from fashion's top names, like Valentino and Versace. From these, she creates original collections that include pleasing, poetic dresses in vintage florals and prints. Could transforming natural remnants of 

flowers sent from

and recycled items like corks and water bottles into small, delicate handbags be next for her?

Andrea Incontri


Andrea Incontri may have initially gotten noticed for his work in leather, but these days he's getting attention for his silken wares. Incontri has mastered the art of bringing romantic simplicity together with elegant style. Witness his chic silk floral dresses, which are equally alluring in bright colors as in blacks and charcoals. This designer's silk garments are recognizable for their traditional Italian lines and tailoring, no matter what the piece, from sexy dresses and silk tops to tasteful, knee-length skirts.

Fausto Puglisi


For those fashionistas who enjoy eclectic yet sheer composed sophistication, Fausto Puglisi is the Spiga2 designer to watch. Puglisi describes his brand as a mixture of Italian neo-realism movies, heroic Sicily, modern architecture, the LA scene and costumes of Roman gladiators, all tempered with the richness of Mediterranean Baroque. That's quite an assortment of influences from which to draw. But when you take sight of his collection, with its smart lines, brazen prints and pleasing color contrasting, you'll understand that Puglisi isn't exaggerating about his inspiration. He truly is a genius at mixing aspects of high culture with pop culture.

Out of the gate, Spiga2 is living up to Dolce & Gabbana's aspirations to make it an extraordinary place. With fashion royalty like D&G at the helm, it can hardly go wrong. Spiga2 is certainly an opportunity for the designers, but it also provides, as D&G have said,

"a place where tradition can look to the future."