Justin Bieber I'm not a gimmick...

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"I'm not a gimmick," he proclaimed during his acceptance speech. Okay, Justin Bieber, you're not a gimmick, but you're also NOT a badass... Well, actually, you are Bad and an Ass... Stop trying to be so cool. Seriously, his handlers (and his mother) need to reel this kid in and have a come meet Jesus meeting. While they're doing that... I'd love to schedule a Devil Wears Prada intervention with the spoiled brat about his fashion nonsense. The black leather tops and harem pants don't work. I repeat, they don't work! Justin looks like some futuristic, avant garde fashion character out of an anime movie. He fights so hard to reject his all American boy next door looks. Embrace it instead. J-Biebs can be super edgy and fashion forward with the appropriate styling. I can help Biebs. Just sayin'...