the Lindsay Lohan song by The Digitals

The Digitals - Lindsay Lohan



There is no such thing as bad publicity. They say that any publicity is good... well, the music duo known as

The Digitals

are capitalizing on that with their ode to Lilo titled "

Lindsay Lohan


This song is so wrong it's right. The video is so inappropriate it's funny. Funny as in O Em Gee .. no they didn't... The video starts off innocently enough. A little girl playing tea party in her room with her guests, a pink bunny rabbit and a cuddly teddy bear. How sweet is that? So precious, so cute .... yeah real cute, until the rabbit and bear come to life as raunchy guys and rap to the train wreck that is Lindsay Lohan. The sweet,  poor little girl gets a rude awakening, though she seems to like it. Maybe the video is a reflection of Lohan's childhood?? Now make sure and pay close attention to the lyrics and enjoy this guilty pleasure.