Secrets to a Perfect Closet

 What Makes the Perfect Closet Designer clothes? Space? A lot of shoes? Meticulous organization? 

So what do you think makes the perfect closet... maybe it's all of the above. 

But we're missing one key item. Always over-looked or under-considered... the

perfect hanger. Yes, of course, hangers! Perfection is in the details and choosing a hanger that speaks to form as loudly as function is like the difference between ready-to-wear and haute couture.

[I'm dating myself] but do you remember Richard Gere's designer closet in the movie

American Gigolo

? It was a handsome dream closet complete with a Giorgio Armani wardrobe. I stood in front of


closet, and while it lacked an abundance of Armani, I realized an upgrade in my hanger selection would provide aesthetic appeal.

Enter the

Henry Hanger Company



Hangers are the deal! They're the secret to achieving beauty and perfection in your closet. 

First thing, choose wood. 

Though, for some, fabric hangers may be the preferred choice. AND dare I say, wire hangers?? The Henry wire hanger is bold and substantial, mommy dearest approved. 

But back to wood...

the balance between style and quality make these hangers, simply put,

the best

. [We all love options] SO don't just "choose wood" also select the wood finish of your liking. 


Customize your hangers to work with your closet. What a concept!

In these eco-conscious times, Henry Hanger even offers an eco-friendly option. Do your part to contribute to the preservation of our environment with the Organic Series Eco-Bamboo Wood hanger. FABULOUS.

So there you have it ladies and gentleman. When


your wardrobe DO NOT forget to


your garment hangers. Perfection at your fingertips. Think about it.