Project Runway's Super-fan Makeover

"the ultimate 'Project Runway' experience" 

"The ultimate 'Project Runway' experience," which translated to "super-fan" MAKEOVERS for eight lucky women. They were flown to NYC and treated to fashion makeovers which included hair and makeup upgrades from the L'Oreal team. This was a "super" great challenge. And because this is Project Runway, there's as much drama behind-the-scenes as there is on the runway.

Alexander came very close to being sent home. Most of us (the viewer) probably thought he was... He sent this unflattering, unfinished look, down the runway. I know why he didn't get


... read on...

Oh Alexandria, really?? You made this 20 year old Art History student fit the stereotype. (Think librarian.) The skirt is fine. And separately, the jacket can rock a pair of fitted jeans. BUT together, it's so BLAH.

One of the best looks of the night came from Bradon who really listened to his client and gave her what she wanted while staying true to his aesthetic. She asked for edgy and intimidating. Done.

The only criticism I'll make about Dom's dress is that the fabric looks like it came from Hancock Fabrics or JoAnn's. Other than that, I love it. I'm a big fan of Dom and I think she'll be in the top three.

Kate is my other FAVE! This blouse is out-of-this world! Her makeover took years away from the client. The look is modern and chic. 

Remember that controversial show

The Swan

? Helen got it's leftovers and made a fabulous meal. A winning recipe in fact. Yup, another win for fragile Helen. I'm not crazy about the dress and [at the risk of sounding even bitchier] any upgrade to the client would have been a drastic improvement. But hey, the judges know best. Right???

I would have named Justin the winner. The judges loved his look as well, btw. His model felt great and looked amazing.

Ding dong the bitch is gone! Thank goodness. This dress wasn't awful, in my opinion. It was not the worst look sent down the runway BUT I have a notion about what really went on here. The angry inch sealed his fate with his final and scary outburst earlier in the broadcast. He went psycho on the producers over having to share his room. The next day, Tim Gunn intervened and apologies were made. Alexander had something to do with provoking Ken in the first place which is the only reason, I believe, Ken was permitted to stay. Tim offered Ken his own room. I KNEW at that very moment this little gaybitch was getting


. There is NO WAY Project Runway is going to make such an accommodation. Tim brought up anger management to Ken, now that he's home, let's hope he sought help. He really needs it. Or just take happy pills like the rest of America. Lots of them.