Embracing Style & Size


Fashion is universal. A global force. 

Yet style seems to be limited to size. 

There is an absence of choices in style the higher you go up in size. 

Now, there are plenty of naturally smaller women, sizes 4,6,8 and their clothing selection is infinite. 

However, walk through any department store and good luck finding those same styles in larger sizes. 

ALL women want to be on trend. And look their best. [So]


do 12-26 plus-sized ladies shop for stylish tops, bottoms, dresses, blazers, activewear and

plus size bathing suits


Designers are beginning to take notice of the fact that the size of your wallet has nothing to do with your figure. Again, all women, of every size, want to be on trend and look their best.

Ashley Stewart

 clothing is leading the designer trend dedicated to making the full-figured women chic, sophisticated and runway ready. 

Current fashion trends, straight from New York Fashion Week, such as black & white, large bold pattern and leather detailing can all be found at Ashley Stewart.

In a society that has 12+ sizes believing they can't wear stripes, color, form-fitted clothing or prints & patterns, Ashley Stewart is proving them wrong! It's how you wear them that makes the difference. AND clever tailoring. [Very important] 


Sometimes we need to accentuate an area to make another appear smaller. Which goes against everything we've ever been told... BUT everyone has shape. You've got hips? Flaunt them ladies! Cinch the waist with a belt OR just wear a  dress like the one pictured above and you'll turn heads ... in a good way! Fabulous! Effortless! And very Chic!

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