Five Ways How Fashion Designers Stay Fabulous While Pregnant


For most women, being "with child" doesn't always make her feel fashionable. Let's face it, it's inspiring when we see our favorite designers pregnant and looking fabulous. We want to know their secret. If you feel you could never pull off a double-take look while pregnant, here are the secrets to getting the same affect as our favorite designers.

#1 Be Yourself: Hint You Are Not a Leopard!


Very rarely does animal print work for expanding bellies. Some svelte and tall women can pull this off, but most of us can't. Designers know this. The reason is prints tend to draw focus to the expanding parts and not in a good way.

Rachel Zoe pulled off the print on a mag cover of the Hollywood Reporter only because the prints exactly offset and emphasized her best features. 

If you just can't stand to go without animal print for many months, make sure the lines offset and compliment and that they don't distract. Otherwise, bring bold prints in by accessorizing: a colorful or textured scarf, sexy necklace, or even headband better emphasizes the areas you want emphasized, and not the ones you don't.

#2 Speaking of Svelte, Designers Use Maternity Compression Leggings 

These maternity leggings are a wonder of our modern maternity world. They not only reduce swelling, but they look good, too. Designers, busy on their feet all day welcome the relief of feeling good when pregnant, and who doesn't? Everything helps! These come in fun colors and bring interesting style and flair to a monotone knee-length dress or even cute shorts.

#3 Think Black

When pregnant, Frida GianniniGucci's Creative Director, looked amazing in a black frock dress and leggings. When in doubt and not feeling overly fabulous, wearing black is slimming and uplifting. Again, the key is to use punches of color to accentuate the black.

#4 Heels Help

Yes, feet swell when pregnant; so you might think heels are the last thing you want to wear when pregnant. But a great pair of boots with a stable heel and a zipper can actually make getting footwear off easier when pregnant. But even better, they lengthen one's line, creating better form.

#5 Wonderful Food In Moderation

What better time to eat well than when pregnant? Women have a natural glow while pregnant and now that you are eating for both you and baby, food is more important than ever. Model turned designer Alessandra Ambrosio made sure not to curb food she loved, but the portion sizes. Several small meals a day while pregnant helped her maintain a good pregnancy weight. While she enjoyed ice cream and treats, she also welcomed kale, green juices and fish. You can eat well, and eat a lot over a day, without overeating. This decreases both heartburn and bloating which of course increases well being. 

Feeling fabulous while pregnant is important.

Why shouldn't you?

After all, you're about to take on one of the greatest, awe-inspiring gifts in life-motherhood. You deserve to feel your best while pregnant. Using these tips will help you look great, so you feel great.