3 Scarf Tricks You Have Got to Try

 by guest blogger Lisa Loperfido



Everybody loves scarves. They make the perfect accessories for, well, anything. Here are three tricks you might not have thought for using your scarves to their fullest potential. 

1. Have you ever been in a hurry to get to work, but your clothes are all soiled from endless nights of partying with no time to launder in between? Throw on a scarf! A big loop-de-loop will cover that red wine right up. 

2. Want to rock the infinity but all your old scarves are boring “rectangle” shaped? Knot the ends of your “boring” scarf together, circle it twice around your head and tuck the tied ends beneath the loop - you are good to go!

3. This next look is mainly for the ladies… Recently I cut off all my hair which also means no more giant top buns! (So sad!) To make up for it I tie a scarf into a big rosette on top of my head which adds maximum volume to my do! Whether you’ve still got your long locks, or are going through a pixie phase like me, this look will add volume and MAKE IT WORK every time!

I’m going to assume there are a lot of scarves in your closet that you might have forgotten about… bring’em out, bring’em out! A scarf is a great way to bring life back into an outfit, add volume to your look, or cover up mishaps. Wear it with confidence and enjoy that fabulous scarf collection!