A Sentimental Find


My mother called yesterday and with excitement in her voice told me that she found my baptismal gown. She was looking through old boxes stashed away in her closet when she made the find. I don't think I've ever seen it! After 47 years of storage, as you can see, it's stained and yellowed with age, but otherwise, in good condition. 

Mom was looking for photos of us, my sister and our family from when we arrived from Cuba when she found the gown.

In April, mom and I leave for Cuba for the first time since coming to this country in 1970. While the purpose of the trip is to reunite with my father, we have destination stops on our schedule which includes a visit to the beautiful Iglesia de los Pacionistas where I was baptized in May of '66. 

I am very thankful to all of

you who've kindly contributed to my

Indiegogo campaign. YOU are making this 43 year, very emotional reunion with my father happen! WE are in our final ours of fundraising and still need support. Visit "

finding Dad"


for details and for making contributions. Thank you so much. xo