Evil vs. Wicked on Once Upon A Time


Oh yeah, tonight's return of ABC's Once Upon A Time is going to be epic. One year has passed since Storybrooke's curse was broken and now, a whole new (well, not so new) magic is about to drop a house on the Enchanted Forrest. The writer's of the show are geniuses when it comes to revisions of fairy tales and their seamless incorporation into the story plot. One of the greatest and meanest villains of all time is coming, all the way from Oz, it's the Wicked Witch. The producers kept her green, gave her a wardrobe upgrade and lost the ugly. Glinda the Good Witch and references to the yellow brick road are supposed to make their way to the Enchanted Forrest as well. But for tonight, it's just between Regina, the Evil Queen and the vengeance brought by the Wicked Witch. Of course, this tale wouldn't be complete without a few Flying Monkeys! Wicked is Coming tonight 8/7c on ABC.