My Life in VOGUE {contest}

What is the secret to [your] personal style? VOGUE wants to know! And they're giving a lucky winner a $2,500 Theory gift card... so here's the scoop: brings you into the real lives, and closets, of six brilliant young women— a curator, composer, actress, wealth manager, design guru, and blogger —discovered on the streets of New York. In intimate mini-films, by acclaimed documentarians SeeThink Films’s Andrew Neel and Luke Meyer, these women reveal that the trick to living beautifully involves being clever, conscientious, and courageous in everything you do—from who you love to the books you read, from how you share to what you wear.

*Watch their stories here:


Then, be sure to upload your own “My Life in Vogue” video for a chance to win 

a $2,500 Theory gift card and have your

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            1. The winner will be chosen by readers from a pool of finalists chosen by our editors. 
            1. *Submission deadline:March 24, 2014
                1. To enter:
                    1. Go to:
                      1. Click the Upload Video button
                      2. Go through the steps 
                      3. Let us know if you have any problems
                      4. Can't make it work? We'll upload your video for you! 
                      5. NOTE: This video can be as short as 45 seconds!
                      1. Need more tips:
                            1. Keep in mind these three rules when entering:
                              1. Shoot only in your home or public spaces. Museums, galleries, restaurants, and theaters are off limits unless you can obtain written permission from the proprietor that can be supplied to Vogue upon request.
                              2. Steer clear of book covers, record covers, logos, brand names, and labels (spines of book jackets are OK)—it can't be misconstrued as an advertisement.
                              3. While our videos are set to music, yours should not be—that includes background music. All submissions should feature voice-overs or dialogue only.

                            All's fair in love & fashion so good luck!!